Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Christmas Decorating Addiction

I told myself I wasn't going to go overboard with Christmas decorating 
this year.  I wouldn't buy anything new, because I know I just have boxes
and boxes of stuff.  I would be firm, I would resist temptation, I would
hold my head up high and only purchase the bare necessities at Hobby
Lobby or Shop the World.  You can do this!  Be strong!  Have conviction!

Then the inevitable happened.  I saw one cute little something and 
my knees began to weaken ....

And I caved.  Next thing you know, I heard myself saying to the store 
owner, I am starting a little pile on your counter while I look around
some more. 

It was all over.  I broke every promise to myself.   I should be hanging
my head in shame, but I have no shame.  

I don't stay mad at myself for long ;-).   I have forgiven my
transgressions and am happily decorating away.  

One of the best ways to find decorating ideas is to check out all the
talented bloggers out there in blog land.  They all have the same 
bug I do.   Maybe as a New Year's resolution, we should  all create
a support group.  Ha, ha, like that will ever happen ;-)

Here are some good resources for your own decorating addiction.
Sorry, I am an enabler too!

Keep me in your thoughts this afternoon ~ I am headed over to 
the local nursery where I always buy our Christmas trees and I 
have promised myself just one tree this year!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan, I fall into the same category! I can't possibly use all that I have accumulated through the years, but I so enjoy bringing things out year after year. With more than I can use, that means choices. That of course makes it fun to mix it up each year, but also makes it difficult when decisions have to be made. A new MacKenzie-Childs ornament was added this year, a pig chef that I found in a shop on Cape Cod this fall. It is now retired, so I had to buy it! My other new addition is an unusual Santa that came home with me from World Market. He is dressed in a gold robe, and I knew he would be a nice addition to my mostly red dressed Santa guys.
    Merry, Merry! Have fun at the Christmas tree lot!

    1. I love bringing out old favorites too, especially the ones that belonged to my parents. I have three of the ornaments that were on my Daddy's very first Christmas tree when he was a baby. Real treasures! I like to spread the decorating throughout the house, as I know you do too. We seem to gravitate to the same things and I so love your style!

  2. Oh Susan, I too fall into the 'that is so cute, just one more ornament' and then BAM! A cart full. So this year I am making myself get rid of items I no longer decorate with and boy does it feel good. I still bought at least 3 ornaments at Hobby Lobby for my Kitchen tree (or at least that's I will admit too). Hugs!

    1. Oh Linda, you gave me such a chuckle about what you will admit to! It's clear to me that you and I suffer the very same addiction :-)

  3. oh my goodness... you just made my day ... I am laughing so hard!!! It is a description of my life right now !!!! lolololol

    1. I am glad to know that I made you laugh! I am also happy to know that I have a "sister in decorating addiction".

  4. Since I have moved into a very small apartment I have been forced to cut way back. Makes it much easier for me to clear it all away after the holidays are over though. xo Laura

  5. Trust me, we are all doing the very same thing - however I have been pretty good this year and have only spoiled myself a little! I also took a boxful of decorative items to the thrift shop, so it equalled out! Happy holidays!

  6. Oh, I can relate to this! I've broken many shopping promises to myself, and I'm rarely sorry afterwards! Enjoy your splurges!


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