Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Project For Our Cocktail Bar

Here is the bar in our kitchen butler's pantry area.  When friends stop by,
they know where to go to pour themselves a cocktail.  I try to keep it
fully stocked for them, and for ourselves.  My hubby and I enjoy a
cocktail, sometimes it's wine for me, while I am cooking dinner, and
we discuss our day.  

There is something new here ....

I ordered this vintage sherry decanter from Nancy's wonderful
transferware shop.  If you have never been there, and you love
transfer ware as much as I do, it's a place you need to visit.
Here is the link.

My plan is to make a lamp using this decanter.  I am ordering the 
parts, and when it's finished, I will show it to you.

That's it for now.  Our AC guy was here this morning because the
unit that runs the master wing was out last night.  He will be back
later to fix it.  Thankfully, we have a three part system, so if the
air breaks down in one part of the house, it's surely on somewhere 
else.  Trust me, in this heat, we really need the AC to be working
day and night for months.  On Friday, the plumber is coming again.
The washing machine is backing up into the guest room bath tub.
Yuck!  Thankfully, there are different clean outs and I am 
guessing some tree roots are the culprit once again.  The plumbers
know this house so well and have been here many times since
we have lived here, and while the previous owners were here.
Such is life in a 70 year old house.  

Have a great day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Love that piece and it is going to make a really great lamp.
    Sorry about the plumbing problem. What a mess that always is!
    We have a 4 zone heating/AC system here-thank the good Lord! Even here the summers are hot and humid and miserable for sleeping when it is hot and humid. xo Diana

  2. Oh that will make a great lamp! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Owing a home is always an ongoing project isn't it!! Hugs!

  3. I love your sweet bar - always ready for guests.


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