Thursday, July 26, 2018

Who Else Is Sick of Summer???

This is how my secret garden, next to my she shed looked back in
early June.  Yes, it was hot then, but I was enthusiastic.  I was buying
plants at every garden center, spreading pea gravel and mulch.  When
I worked outside for too long, and got overheated, I would spray myself
down with the garden hose.  I was not yet delirious.

The heat was building.  Day after day of 90 plus degrees became the
norm.  My unbridled enthusiasm began to wane.  

The bloom is off the rose.  As we are now approaching August,
another impossibly hot month, there is not much on the horizon to
be cheerful about.  I have lived though two hurricanes in Texas,
both arriving in August.  I am praying that we are not hit by one
again this year.  We have not completely recovered from Harvey,
and blue tarps can still be seen on the roofs of some houses.

I am aching for the arrival of Fall!  Glorious Fall, when the air is 
fresher and crisp in the morning.  When garden centers are full of mums,
and the pumpkins begin to appear.  When I can walk outside during the
day and not feel like I am about to spontaneously combust at any

When I was a child, I loved Summer.  Days at the beach.  Riding
my bike with my friends from sun up until sundown.  Of course, I
didn't live in Texas back then.  Sorry Texans, but Summer here is
like a mean joke.  

Fall temps won't arrive here until the end of October.  That's a long
time to endure more blistering heat.  I don't mind saying ....


Bentley and I are staying inside where it is cool.  There is a
Hallmark Christmas movie playing, thanks to TiVo.  We
just might make it until Halloween ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I'm in the Northeast and it has been the summer from hell!!! So hot and dry, sick of it all.....

  2. I look forward to summer but then the heat melts me and I start dreaming of Fall. Hope you survive and no hurricanes this year!

  3. Me too! I’m harvesting seeds and drying herbs in the early morning. Here in the Ozarks we will see cooler nights around the end of August. I’m ready!

  4. Oh, Susan. I don't know what to say. Our summers here are SO short and most summer days don't get out of the 70s. Right now is a beautiful time of the year for us...but I know that come the last of August I will be champing at the bit for Fall decorations. xo Diana

    1. My college roommate is in Northern Michigan, and she said the same thing! What lovely weather y'all have been having!!

  5. We've had an unusual summer here in Georgia. It's been mainly in the high 80's. I think someone else has our summer, because we should be seeing lots of 90+ days here! But summer's not over yet! lol The humidity has been killer, too! I'm with you. Bring on the fall temps!

  6. I think 3/4 of the US is with you. We had our first day with windows open since late JUNE. Very hot, or miserably rainy and hot in Chicagoland. I never thought I would think an 82 day as balmy. Hang on, hopefully you will have a great Fall someday.

  7. I was braced for a hot summer in Greece - this being our first here - and it is hot. But it still is lower than my old Pacific Northwest home base so guess I'll just sit back and enjoy A/C!

  8. We’ve been blessed with a stretch of cooler, more tolerable, less humid weather over the next week or so. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!! This summer has been absolutely insufferable!!!!!!!!!!

    1. This summer has been brutal. Hopefully we don't get a repeat of last summer's hurricane!

  9. I'm not! I'm in Michigan and it feels like it has barely begun and now it is nearly over. Winter went late this year and everything seems "off." That said, In TX I might feel differently!

    1. My college roommate is in Michigan too. I may have to start spending my summers with her ;-)

  10. I live the NEPa and it has been the Summer form hell!! Either large amounts of rain or record breaking heat and awful humidity! I am pretty much stuck in the house with the air conditioners blaring so I am right there with you , anxiously waiting for the arrival of Fall!!! Fall is my favorite Season and always has been.....

  11. Yep, the heat is wearing where I live too (S. FL). I flew to KC MO to work this week and it is 20 degrees cooler. It has refreshed me.

    1. It helps so much to get out of the heat, even if only for a brief time!

  12. I just found your blog and enjoying reading over previous posts. This one is sooooo me too!! I find late summer (heat) and late winter (Jan/Feb) in the north east to be my least favorite seasons and have NO motivation. I love the spring and early fall and tend to feel the most motivated then to do projects outside and inside! Lisa


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