Wednesday, January 30, 2019

What's Happening Around the Cottage

Does it ever seem to you that there are just not enough hours in 
a day?  I often feel that way.  Now that I have overcome my 
intimidation of my new planner, I am making lists like crazy, and
there is nothing I like more than checking tasks off the list!  I
should do a whole blog post about how I am getting a bit carried
away with that planner.

I planted Violas and Pansies in the long planter box on
the patio.  It's so good to see their cheerful faces looking up
at me.  David likes them too!

Speaking of our backyard, I took Bentley outside for his
last of the night potty break.  I always carry him in my
arms at night because I never know what we might encounter
as we venture out.  Well, sure enough, I spotted a skunk!  
And he was not very far away at all and certainly we were in
his striking distance.  He didn't seem to notice us, but we still
backed away very, very slowly.  Didn't want to take any chances!

I am on my third Mitford book.  Oh how I am enjoying these!
This series is so charming and uplifting and the perfect escape
from the crazy world we live in.  I seem to be the last person to
read these books, but if by a slim chance you have not, start
them soon!

I love Mrs Meyer's candles and buy all the fragrances.  This one
I burned down to the bottom and since our trash service does not
recycle glass, I decided to clean and reuse it.  I Googled how to remove
wax from a votive, and read that one way was to put it in the
freezer overnight, and the wax would just pop out.  I tried it.
It didn't work.  After requesting suggestions on my Facebook
feed, I decided that the reason it didn't work is because the
candle is made from soy and not wax.  I waited for the glass
to reach room temperature, and then I put it in a bowl of hot
water.  The candle slipped out easily.

Here we are.  All empty and clean.  Ready for its next life.
Oh the possibilities!  We that's enough excitement for today's post.
I still have more tasks in my planner to check off.  See you again
soon, and thanks for stopping by!

Sparkle and Shine and Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. LOL- That is one of my favorite things about Mrs. Meyer's candles- the cute little glass jar they come in. I keep my own, too, and use them for storing small things in the sewing area.

    How nice to be able to keep something alive outside this time of year. We are 50° BELOW zero with wind chill here. The schools are closed right down for two days. sigh....I.Do.Not.Like.Winter.At.All. Have a good night- xo Diana

  2. Susan, I bet your Violas and Pansies look beautiful! I believe you are in Texas too. So far we have not had a bad freeze. Poor Diana in Wisconsin! Yikes, now that is some cold weather.
    You are so right, there are not enough hours in the day. I'm happy to hear you are reading the Mitford Series! What a delightful series, oh my, the cast of characters - so lovable! A few years back I was to go with a group of friends to Blowing Rock to a reunion of fans of Jan Karon's. I was so sad I didn't get to go, but they all had a ball. Such a charming little town.
    Take care~

  3. Welcome to Mitford!! I've been reading Jan's books for years and they never get old. You will love every single one!

  4. I love Johnny Jump Ups and really love that viola you photographed. They are some of the first flowers of spring which seems so far far away. We're in that crazy Vortex and it was 54 below zero wind chill yesterday. A large pot of chili and some brownies in the oven, letting the taps trickle all night and we survived. It's a whopping zero today! I'm glad you two didn't get skunked. I have never read those books. I will have to look them up because it sounds like it would be best read in the proper sequence if it's a series.

  5. There is never enough hours, except those days I get stuck at work for 15 hrs. 😝 love violas and pansy’s cant wIt till it is warm enough to have some. Your candle glass cleaned up great!

  6. I loved the Mitford series, Susan. I've always wanted to visit the town since I read the books. I didn't know about the Mrs. Meyer's candles, but I'll look for them.

  7. I too have just started the same book and read the 2 before that. I love this series and will continue on to the end of the series. I also love your blog the pictures of your cozy home and your heartfelt wisdom. Your blog brightens my day. Thank you so mu h for the joy you and your little Bentley give.💝😍


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