Friday, April 26, 2019

Daily She Shed ~ A New Rose Bush

I purchased a rose bush for a small garden plot next to the shed.  It's 
a Marchessa Boccella rose.  It will be a smaller bush with perpetually
blooming pink buds.  It was grown at the Antique Rose Emporium 
up in Brenham, but I purchased mine from my favorite nursery here
in town, Four Seasons.  I decided to put it in a large pot, and so far
the Marchessa seems content.

I have never been to the Antique Rose Emporium, but I have seen
photos and must head up there one day soon.  It's my kind of place,
that's for sure.  They do have a website and you can order from there
if you like.  I will say, they sell a lot of roses, and several are already
sold out.  Here is the link:

This weekend I am headed back to Four Seasons.  I want to purchase
another Jasmine plant.  I love the fragrance so much!  I need mulch
and more garden soil too.  The weather outside is currently so lovely
that I hate to go indoors.  Have a wonderful Friday, and I will check
back in with you over the weekend.  

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


Oliver and I LOVE and read every comment.


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