Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Daily She Shed ~ Volunteers Welcome

Petunias are supposed to be annuals, but this little petunia had other plans.
Last spring and summer, I had two hanging baskets filled with petunias
on either side of the doors to the She Shed.  They were stunning, but 
since they are annuals, they just have a short life span.  However, this
pink petunia has planted itself in a pot that was once empty.  It seems
determined to grow, and I am so happy it is here that I will give it all
the tender love and care it needs to make it through a few more
seasons.  I will keep you posted on it's progress!

 Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I'm in zone 5 and my petunias are annuals but some self sow, dropping lots of seeds. I see a lot finally emerging. A lot of annuals self sow like the cypress vines hummingbirds adore. Have a great day

  2. Yep, My gramma called all flowers that came back from seed "volunteers"'s the best thing to see, after all long winter, for sure!!


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