Friday, July 2, 2010

Yard Sale Treasures

What a beautiful morning. Sunny, birds are singing and butterflies are in the garden. It's not too hot and the temp is perfect for a yard sale stroll. Want to see what I found? My little treasures are in a wicker basket sitting on the old white rocker on the front porch. Let's take a look ...

Here is the first item. It's a sweet little white plate that has a basket weave pattern. Just could not pass this up! I think you all know about my plate addiction!! Next there is ...

this darling little blue tin. Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but too cute to pass up.

Finally this little blue hobnail cup. How cute is that?? Thanks for stopping by. Let's go see what treasures Debbie has found and let's not forget to stop by Cindy's for Show and Tell too!

I'm sorry we didn't find any cute dog toys this time Bentley. Maybe we'll have some luck next time. (Don't feel sorry for Bentley ... the cottage is filled with his toys!)

Susan and Bentley


  1. I love that hobnail cup. The plate and tin are both real pretty, too. You've got great taste, girlie! Hollyhocks for sure! I'll remind you.

  2. OOooooh, I like the little tin and the blue vase, sugar!!! Cauuuute...

  3. Hi Susan, awesome for you to join in!!~ I would use that cute little tin for a recipe box:) Pretty blue vase too...thanks for sharing your fun finds with us. Enjoy the weekend!!~ Debbie

  4. Caaute hob nail cup! I also would use the little tin for recipes, it's the perfect size.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Great to meet you. I will be visiting often!

  5. LOVely finds!!! The hobnail glass is such a lovely pale blue and looks really nice with the tin.

  6. The hobnail piece in blue is fantastic!! What great goodies you shared with us today!!


  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. It's always fun to meet other classic-movie lovin' gals such as myself. I have a friend that I met through Facebook (through a group called I'm in Love with Classic Movies and Enjoy Living Vicariously Through Them). She and I became fast friends and are always writing to one another about this movie or that.

    Good for you on the garage sale finds. I had to sit out garage saling today...I decided it was time to have my own sale. So instead of shopping today, I've been know, making room for all the stuff I will buy next week.

    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  8. Susan,
    The weather has been great here for the last couple of days, too! I love your treasures, especially that tin. Poor Bentley :( Aunt Robin thinks he needs an extra treat!!!

  9. All wonderful finds but when I saw the hobnail vase I gasped...yep it gorgeous!

  10. I wouldn't have passed up that plate and cup either! VERY cottagy! Wish I was out there digging up stuff--Have a great week-end! Jacqueline

  11. oh Bentley, you are just so cute! the blue hobnail~ LOVE hobnail, never saw it in that shade- I'm going yardsailing with you next time...

    Karen & Krumpet

  12. What fabulous finds! I love the painted tin! So useful and pretty!!!

  13. Hi,
    I just found your blog through DustyLu and I absolutely love it!! You found some lovely treasures, I love the blue cup.
    I also love your music selection, it really perked me up just listening to it, especially Mr. Sandman!
    Have a lovely 4th.

  14. Love! the finds girlly! Hope you too have a wonderful 4th!

    I think we're just staying home to enjoy a hot dog or two :)

    Daphnie says Hi to Bentley! *tee hee*

    Sincerely, The Lady of the House

  15. Hello Susan and Bentley,
    Looks like you found some neat treasures!!
    I love yard sales and thrift stores!!
    Have a great weekend!!

  16. What great hobnail finds! Next time puppy...what a cutie!


  17. The little tin box would be ideal for recipes. The hobnail cup is sweet.


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