Monday, July 19, 2010

Blue and White Monday

I love the crispness of blue and white. Reminds me of a starched white pinafore.

Blue and white calico, soft blue and white checked flannel to be used for a quilt one day.

It always looks fresh and cool...

Mixed with a bit of shabby ...

And a bit of chic!! Have a very happy Blue Monday all of you blue lovers and be sure to visit our friend Smiling Sally for more Blue Monday Themes!

I'm going to be very quiet. Bentley had a very busy weekend and he's still in bed!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan! too Bentley,
    Your Blue and White are cool...ooohh I didn't mean blue the color thing blue...oh welll. I wanted to invite you to come over to the Etsy Cottage Style Blog where I host the Vintage Alphabet Party for them. This month's party is brought to us by the letters L and M. I'ts fun to see everyones vintage catagory for the monthly given letters. If you'd like to join the party, just post about your vintage L and M pieces. You've already shown a LAMP in the blue post, but If your hard pressed for some vintage ideas, how about showing off your Lusterware, Mochaware, Lincoln Log collection, Melamine dishes, Linens (of Course), Moustache Cups, old Library Books, Men's Cuff Links, Loving Cups, your Madge Doll, Limoge, and Memorabilia. I am sure you have some wonderful collections I didn't even think of. This is a week long party so if you decide to join in, you have plenty of time. Any questions just e-mail me
    Hope you can stop by,
    Brown Gingham Creations

  2. I agree, Susan, that blue and white are crisp and cool. That's just what we all need during these hot days.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. I luv your blue and white collection, especially the old fashioned lamp! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Blue Monday.

  4. I love all your blue and white pretties! I'm gaga for blue and white and red and white. Blue and white is serene. Red and white more spirited.

  5. Nice, refreshing post! Hope Bentley is feeling refreshed by now, too!

  6. Your blues are so ooooooooh today! Nice! Jacqueline

  7. I love all the blue and white too!! My favorite color combo! I especially like your little jug.

  8. Gorgeous! It reminds me of cool breezes and splashing waves.

  9. Susan,
    You have such great taste and everything you display is just right. I love blue and white. So fresh!
    p.s. Bentley, time to wake up, Momma may have a treat for you!

  10. Blue and white, always a wonderful combo of cool, clean colors.

  11. I love blue and white, too always have. Love your photos.

  12. I love your blue and white pretty. I'm doing our guest room in blue and white...just love these colors combined together.

  13. The blue and white colors are so fresh and lovely!!

  14. Somehow that lamp is so inviting. It's very different, and I have not seen one like that ever. Pretty blue items today. :-)

  15. I really love all of your blue and white! Great photos. very pretty stuff.
    Blue and white has always been some of my faves!


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