Monday, July 12, 2010

Tour 2 ~ Cottages of the North End

Grab a thermos of tea or coffee and come take a morning walk with me and Bentley too and we will show off just a few of the charming cottages in our neighborhood. First stop above is Amy's Garden. Amy is an Engineering Professor at BSU, but she also has quite the green thumb. She owns two cottages, side by side and uses one for visiting profs, friends and relatives. The entire front yard is full of veggies, herbs and wild flowers. In the back are her four chickens, Thelma, Louise, Florence and Beatrice. Next stop ... Bentley's place of birth!

Here is the cute little cape cod cottage where you were born Bentley. It's just on the next block. His birth mother Miss Lady lives there. His birth daddy, Mr Rags, comes to visit, but he lives in another house. Bentley, we don't need to check back at Amy's, the chickens are out back ...

This cottage below belongs to Inger. It is super tiny, about 600 square feet. It was originally built as a "sample house" to show off the architect's plans. Inger is a talented artist with such charming vision. Her little cat is watching us ~ especially watching Bentley!!

Inger added this little potting shed on the side. Isn't it the cutest???

Here's a fine example of Queen Anne style.

Picket fences are everywhere. Traditional white pickets, square pickets, iron ones too!

Porches are hugely popular in the North End. They are a must!!!

Porch swings are seen everywhere ...

Bungalow styles are popular too.

Cottage gardens are popular ....

And hula hoops too!!

Bentley and I are headed home. Here is our little cottage back behind our own picket fence ...

Thanks for taking a morning walk with us. Get a refill of coffee or tea and stop by to visit Cielo at her House in the Roses for Show Off Your Cottage Monday!!

Yes Bentley, you were born in that sweet cottage just one block away!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan! How cute! I love Bentley's home place...just perfect! But my fav is Inger's little cottage! Love the gardens, too! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  2. Your neighborhood homes are delightful and I am a bit envious of all those porches in the front of the houses. We have a patio in the back which is private and surrounded by greenery but front porches are so friendly.

  3. I loved your post today Susan! I so enjoyed seeing all the cottages and I adore all the fences. I would like to put a picked fence around our home someday since we live on a corner.
    I have already scrolled done twice and might go for a third.
    Have a wonderful day. hugs,Elizabeth

  4. Thank you for inviting me to go on your morning walk! It was just what I needed this morning!So peaceful..I loved all the beautiful flowers and porches! Thank you for a little bit of quiet.

  5. Very lovely! Loved the tour of cottages and porches, but my favorite was the last... that little enchanted cottage right behind your own picket fence! ;) Thanks for participating in our "Show Off Your Cottage Monday" and letting us into your lovely home...


  6. I'm enjoying these tours Susan!
    Love your town and all these adorable cottages yours included.
    Love that little cat in the photo too!
    Pamela xo

  7. This is such a nice tour, Susan! I love all these sweet cottages and front are right, they are a must. I like the Queen Anne a lot, too! And of course the last one! ;-D

    I have to hop back and see Part I.

    Regards to Bentley!


  8. Susan,
    I love all the houses you showed us today. My favorite is yours, as I see there are two chairs there, one for you and one for me and Bentley can sit on my lap :)

  9. I adore neighborhoods like yours. So inviting! Mimi

  10. What great fun to peep into other people's porches and yards over coffee this morning. Inger's cottage is similar to one I once saw on Historic Properties a few years ago - reminds me of the Three Bears!!
    Now we need you to persuade your friends to let us peep inside - maybe on a Xmas tour?

  11. What a great tour! Loved the curve of the porch on the Queen Anne! But it was so delightful to return home to your cottage. How lovely and inviting your home is!

  12. Susan,

    I'm swooning after the tour of your neighborhood. Every home is so warm and inviting, and absolutely charming!

    I particularly like the white rocking chairs on your porch.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  13. Where you live is just so utterly charming! Loved that very small house. I think I could live there and be quite happy.

  14. What a lovely neighborhood to live in. I think that your cottage is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.


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