Friday, July 30, 2010

Antiques in Hyde Park

I love to go shopping for antiques in our historic Hyde Park shopping District. Blue Moon Antiques is one of my favorite shops. Such a lovely old Victorian home. Want to come inside with me??

Here is a sweet little wash stand. I'd love to take it home!

Some lovely whites.

Love the blue and white set!

Janice always has beautiful linens. I have purchased several tea towels and bridge sets here.

Some sweet vintage quilts.

Here's a barkcloth pillow. I just did a post about my barkcloth bag yesterday.

Bits and pieces of loveliness.

I am so fond of vintage cards. Are you?

Boxes of crochet trim.

Look at this adorable vintage Raggedy Ann game ...

And these little blocks ...

And a sweet little hand made dress. Well, that's the end of our visit. Thank you for coming along with me and I hope that you all enjoyed yourself today. We'll have to make a date to go shopping again soon! In the meantime, be sure to stop by Cindy's Romantic Home for Show and Tell.

I'm sorry that I left you at home Bentley, but I know how bored you get when we go shopping. What if we take a walk together right now? Would you like that??? Do you forgive me for leaving you behind??? Of course you do!!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. "Oh that was SUCH fun"! and I didn't spend a cent, although I wanted too, and now I have LOTS of new things to dream about... Hmmm I'm in the northwest corner of Connecticut so I can pay a visit to that wonderful antique shop in Hyde Park, I always love visiting there...Thank you SO much for taking me today, yes I'd love to do it again soon,

  2. What a cute shop. I love shops like that. I love the old baby blocks and those quilts.

  3. What a charming little shop, Susan! I love all the pretty quilts and the canister set is so cute! Thanks for bringing us along!

    Hello Bentley! :-)


  4. What a lovely antique shop, so full of beautiful old selections of this and that.
    I love the ironstone, and the quilts, she has a wonderful variety.
    Thank you for the little tour, it made my day !
    Bentley, next time maybe it will be the pet shop ?

  5. Wow Susan and Bentley that is a place where a person could just lose their mind! They would have to drag me out....
    Tina xo

  6. Thank you for posting pictures of my store Blue Moon Antiques. Susan is just as you imagine her: soft spoken and pretty with just enough sass to make her interesting.

  7. There appeared to be a dutch boy cookie jar in one picture---nice.

    Now Bentley don't wear mama out. She's been shoppin you know.

  8. I love all things vintage! Enjoyed browsing your blog and am a new follower! Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment!

  9. Oh I love antique shopping. I really should get out while the weather is still beautiful! Those quilts are beautiful...oh and the china! Thank you for taking us along Susan. Oh I'm sure Bentley has completely forgotten that you didn't take him because he will be so glad to see you when you coem home! Lol! The one time I locked Quincy in the garage most of the night (by accident) he acted as though I had "saved him" he was so darn happy to see me. We'll keep it our little secret that it was my fault. Lol!!

  10. Oh what you missed Bentley. You really need to talk with Shadow. Ever since he was a puppy he has gone to antique places with us. The first time we a little line following us cause when we stopped to look he'd sit and look too. They all thought he was trained. LoL...we said he was a reincarnated antiquer stuck in a puppys fur. He still loves it.

  11. Lovely store Susan I really enjoyed that!
    They have great stuff.
    I know how Bentley feels Sam hates it when i take him shopping!
    Have a great weekend!
    Pamela xo

  12. What a wonderful shop!! I see lots of things that I love...the ironstone, the quilts, the vintage linens, and the crochet trim!! Thanks for taking us along with you on your visit there.

  13. WOW!! This looks like such a great place and how I wish I could visit it myself but thanks for letting me visit it through your eyes!!

  14. Hi Susan and Bentley,
    I loved reading about your shopping trip!!
    Hope you're staying cool this summer!!!


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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