Monday, April 2, 2018

New Plants for the Patio

I realize that many of you are still receiving snow, and I am sorry
for that.  The weather here is quite lovely, and I have started working 
on bringing some life back to the patio.  I have been filling the pots
with annuals ....

and I am planting more Caladium bulbs in the planter that runs the
width of the patio.  This clump of Caladiums is all that returned.
I am not sure why, but this clump remains throughout the winter,
while the others die off.  I am enthusiastic about the new bulbs I
purchased and now that it is April, I can get them in the ground.

My hanging ferns are doing fine and already have sprouted lots of new
growth.  I just need to trim off some of the brown bits and keep giving
them lots of water.  What I have learned about these ferns is that they
are very hardy and all I need to do is trim them back when needed, and
make way for the new fronds.  

Happy April everyone.  I hope that spring will be arriving soon for
those of you who live in the snow belt!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan you are so lucky to see beauty in your garden. I cannot wait for us to get a real Spring here in Illinois and see life again in our gardens. Have a great week.

    1. Hope it starts warming up for you soon!

  2. We are in Connecticut and got 4 more inches of snow today. I am so sick of this weather and can't wait to complain about the heat.

    1. The lengthy winter in the northeast is depressing now.

  3. We had a cold spell in NE Texas and are down to the 30's. Will spring never come?

    1. It has been cool here too, not as cool as in north Texas, but cool for us.

  4. It is that time of year isn't it - getting the plants ready!

    1. I want to spend every day at the garden center!

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