Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Calla Lily That Could

Last year I had a lovely Calla Lily in a pot on my patio.  It's flowers 
were stunning and it was so photogenic.  After it stopped blooming
and went into dormancy, it remained on the patio in it's pot.  

Then last August, Hurricane Harvey was predicted to take a close
hit to our city, so we quickly moved all of the patio furniture and
plants to the back porch where they were secured.  After months of
clean up, things started to return to normal, but the potted Calla Lily
was forgotten.  It was forgotten until just recently that is, when I 
found a pot stuck in a corner. I was about to empty the soil and
recycle the plastic pot, when I noticed sprigs of green poking up
through the soil.  It was the forgotten Calla Lily coming to life
once again! 

The dear Calla Lily braved the big bad hurricane and decided to come
back this spring with new growth.  I removed it from the confines of it's
nursery pot, and added some new soil, and gave it a new home befitting
it's stature.  

It is now resting in the center of the patio dining table where it will
receive adequate sunlight and some tender loving care.  I will be
happily sharing photos when it comes into it's full glory again.
Something tells me that it will be even lovelier this year because it 
is the Calla Lily That Could.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh my gosh what a great story. I love calla lilies. I cannot wait to see it in full bloom. Yeah for the little plant that could!

  2. It's great when that happens.

  3. sweet...I hope some of my potted plants will be pretty again this summer...they have been in the greenhouse so hopefully, when all fear of freeze passes, they will be ready to come outside.

  4. I love seeing this - it offers so much hope!


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