Wednesday, April 18, 2018

News About My Garden

I know that many of you are still covered in snow, and have cabin
fever.  I feel a bit guilty that I have moaned about our cold weather
when it is not at all as bad as what y'all have endured.  I suppose it's
just that when you make the commitment to live in South Texas,
you are expecting it to be warm in March and April.  

The weather here has been a bit warmer, but the winds have been
terrible.  It's been as though Hurricane Harvey had been hiding behind
a bush and decided to come out and lash at us once again!  Speaking of
Harvey, I have weeds in my yard that I never had before and I swear it
is all Harvey's fault ;-)  There is some hope though.  Our magnificent
and huge Magnolia tree out in the front yard was battered so hard by
Harvey that I was afraid we would loose it.  Recently, it's leaves were
turning yellow and falling to the ground.  This is not uncommon in the
spring, as magnolia's are not like deciduous trees that drop their leaves
in the fall.  Magnolias stay green and just replace some leaves.  Ours
was dropping yellow leaves like crazy.  My husband even started to
worry.  I assured him that this was a normal event for a Southern
Magnolia and that I had faith that our beloved tree would return to
it's former glory.

The other evening as Bentley and I were returning home from
our walk, I looked at the tree closely.  The bottom third of the tree was
covered with more magnolia buds than I have ever seen on it before.
Each branch was glorified in these buds, but the most encouraging 
sign was a few tiny buds way up at the top of the tree and some new
tiny green leaves.  The top third of the tree's branches had their leaves
stripped off by the hurricane, but miraculous new growth is appearing.
I ran inside to deliver the good news to David.  Nature in all it's glory
had once again returned with the hope of spring.  I'm so happy!

I purchased a hibiscus at my favorite local nursery.  I put it in a big
pot next to the chaise lounge.  Looking at this beautiful flower makes
me long to mix up a tropical drink of some sort!

I tend to put a lot of colorful vincas in pots around the patio.  They 
seem to be one of the few flowers that not only can stand the hot
and oppressive heat that will soon arrive, but also seem to thrive in it.

That's all for now.  For those of you who have not yet seen spring,
please feel free to enjoy the few photos I have so far.  It will happen
for you too.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

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  1. Susan, you have inspired me! I live in Lilburn GA, right outside of Atlanta. We, too, have had unusual weather and I have hesitated to start planting, but today is the day! Love your blog. Feel like I know you and we are friends! Thanks!


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