Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hey Y'All ~ What's for Dinner?

In a few hours, my hubby will walk through the kitchen door and ask ....

What's for dinner???

Sometimes I will say we are ordering a pizza or picking up some
take-out, but most nights I cook.  I used to be one of those girls who
would plan a weekly menu and shop in advance for everything that I
needed for that menu.  Now I tend to just wing it.  I feel more confident
in my cooking skills than I once did, and can generally come up with
something fairly quickly.  Tonight is leftover pasta night.  I made
large macaroni and meat sauce the other night.  Tonight I will layer it
in a baking dish with a little extra sauce and grated cheese, then pop
it in the oven to heat up and melt the cheese.  So easy and David
loves it this way.  Actually, so does Bentley, and I will mix a little bit
in with his ground turkey.   I will serve a tossed salad too, but not
for Bentley.  He doesn't like salad :-)

Last Saturday I made these ham and cheese roll ups for our usual 
Appetizer Saturday Night.  I had left over ham that I wanted to use up,
and found this recipe on the internet that seemed perfect.  All you do is
open up a roll of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.  Lay it out flat in one piece and
smooth out the perforations.  Place sliced ham on top and then the cheese.
Roll up jelly roll fashion and then slice one inch thick.  I think we came
out with eight slices.  Bake in 375 degree oven for about 15 -17 minutes,
or until golden.  Drizzle honey on top of each slice.  Quite yummy!

The Pillsbury recipe is here.

I must tell you something about me that seems quite silly now.  Years
ago I was afraid to open one of those refrigerated biscuit dough cans.
I thought it just might explode in my face!  One day I gathered every
ounce of courage I had and opened one.  It didn't explode and I was
so very proud of myself that I had conquered my fear.  Pretty silly of
me to have such a foolish fear ;-)

Have a great evening and let me know what y'all are cooking tonight!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Since living alone I don't cook much. I did use up some leftover ham and made a casserole with shell macaroni and cheese. So good. Shared with my Mom who usually cooks for us both.

  2. You are not alone in that 'fear'--I still sometimes think it will all just 'explode' all over the place when I open one--I rarely use them but once in while they are ok!!
    Photos are great and it looks like you have lovely cook books!!

    1. So glad to hear I am not the only one!

    2. Your not Susan, I'm 70 years old and still don't like to open them. Hubby does it for's.

  3. Susan, my 39 year old daughter still won't open a Pillsbury biscuit roll! I guess it's a common thing. Your roll up look good. I wing it must of the time too though when I had little ones I was on a really tight budget and planned down to the penny. Glad those days are over!

    1. Now I know that we must start a Pillsbury can opening support group!!!

  4. Susan, I am 67 years old and still do not open those Pillsbury rolls! Just thinking about it and my heart starts to race. You are so very brave. Of course I do not like balloons either.

    1. Mary ~ if you lived nearby, I would open all the Pillsbury cans for you. I finally have the courage to do it!

  5. The rollups look good! Don't you love what you can do with crescent rolls?

    1. Now that I have tried this recipe, I think I will dream up some recipes of my own using crescent rolls!

  6. Hi Susan,
    We're having stuffed peppers tonight. Just rejoined Weight Watchers so eating a lot of fruits and veggies. I substitute ground turkey for ground beef in the peppers. Your roll-ups looks delicious (wonder how many WW points?) Always enjoy your posts! Cheryl

    1. Now I am wondering the same thing! Let's see if we can figure it out!!

  7. Yumm. They look so good. I love the rooster you have sitting on your counter too.


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