Sunday, May 23, 2010

Old Houses Both Charming and Quirky

Ash Tree Cottage is 97 years old. It's charming, but it's also quirky as well. The floors creak, there is a mix of old cabinets in the kitchen and somewhat newer maple ones. There must have been an old wood burning stove in the kitchen as the old stove pipe remains.

Last night we were at a party at our neighbor's house. They have a historic victorian as well. It has all of it's own quirks. What we decided is that we love our old cottages, despite the creaking floors, small closets, little nooks, crannies and plaster walls. They are comfy like an old pair of beloved slippers.

Susan and Bentley


  1. I love old houses for this very reason!

    Unfortunately I live in a house that is old enough to need a lot of work but not old enough to be charming, but I'm working on it.

    I love the fact you have a dis-used stove pipe in your kitchen. It gives it character!

  2. i love old houses. it is home for you and that's what matter. bentley is co cute! have a fabulous week! verbena cottage

  3. Oh my! I love that old stove pipe in the cabinet. . . so very quirky AND charming.

    We bought an old dog-trot the end of January & from the very first night, amidst all the boxes, it felt like home. I agree w/you. . . old houses are comfy. Like old slippers or an old worn-out quilt. Old houses, with all their quirkiness, are *home*!

  4. I love the characteristics of an old home. I love to tour the old homes in a little town not far from me every December that are decorated for Christmas. I told my husband if we were to ever sell and downsize that I would love an old cottage.

  5. I love old house...they are very fascinating and they will not be charming without some quirks!!!


  6. Hi Susan!

    I couldn't agree with you more! I love old homes they have a soul and they are not perfect so you don't have to be perfect around them.
    While new homes are nice I would take an older one any day!

    It's a holiday here so I'll be with Sam in his tree fort!!
    Pamela xo

  7. We feel the same way. MHC was built in 1891 - so we are coming up on 120 years....Yes it has its quirks, but we love it.

  8. I have a house that was built in 1940 and the floors creak and the window awnings rattle when the wind blows hard. It was hard to get used to but I thank God every day for our little home. Such a blessing aren't they!

  9. Susan,
    You and Bentley both know how I feel about charming old houses, don't you? I thought so.:)


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