Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shopping Trip

Come take a stroll with me on a lovely spring day through the cultural district of Boise, Idaho. Look at this sign, it's one of my favorite shops, Renewal. I want to take a peek inside to see what is new. Would you like to come along with me?

When the weather is nice, they often put a few pieces outside. Here are some cute retro kitchen chairs, but I really like that yellow wicker foot stool. If I decide to buy it, I will probably paint it heirloom white. Let's go inside and see what else they have.

I like this lamp. It would be perfect in my Mom's kitchen since everything is black and white and she really likes a bit of a French flair

I love this white wicker settee. It's so charming and I already like the floral print on the seat cushion. I'll have to think about this ...

Look at this darling red wicker chair. Now that it's warm I want to buy lots of wicker pieces!!

This is a poster from an Idaho artist. His retro prints are so popular in cabins! If you ever get to Idaho, be sure to drive up to McCall, the skiing is awesome!!

Look at this cute retro red phone. You all know how much I love red. If I buy it I will only keep it for show because it is rotary after all.

Here is a lovely wool floral area rug. I don't have a place in mind for it at the moment, but I sure do like it.

This is a nice hall tree if you are in the market for one.

There's that settee again. I think I hear it calling my name!!

Now here is a fun chair. Not exactly my style, but I would have fun decorating a room around it!! What a fun shop don't you agree? I love to buy from consignment shops. Lots of opportunity to buy great items and good for the environment too. Reuse, repurpose!!

If I go back and buy that settee, do you think I could borrow this fabulous vintage truck to take it home?? I only live about a mile from here, so I won't be gone long ...
Thanks for going shopping with me today. Let's make a date to do it again very soon. Meanwhile, for some more eye candy, go visit Cindy at My Romantic Home to do some more browsing on this Show and Tell Friday.

Bentley, do you think we need a vintage truck like this one??

Susan and Bentley


  1. I didn't realize you were in Boise or even Idaho, sugar! I'm near you, too! I'll have to visit Renewal someday.

  2. Its really nice to have followed you for a window shopping. There are many beautiful items that caught my eye. Just that Im very far away from you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That looks like a great shop. I'm so glad we have a consignment shop in our little town. So - did you really leave empty handed? I love that yellow stool and I am really lovin' that red wicker chair.

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time, I looove shopping in small town shops like this! It's so much safer for me window shopping (here) with you! :)Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  5. Ok, I really want the truck most of all. I've often seen myself cruising around in one of those things although they're pretty hard to come by here in AUstralia where we use utes instead... But, still, I'd settle for any old car from this era I guess, if only I could find a reliable one... :-)

  6. I'd so be there for the white wicker settee!!

    My Show n Tell is my finished, newest, watercolor painting...I do hope you can stop by to view it and give me some critique!! Click HERE

    Have a great Friday.

  7. Oh my! A girl could get into a lot of trouble shopping there!


  8. Susan,
    What a neat shop! I love that wicker footstool. I need that for the pergola!!! lol Has Bentley decided about the truck, yet???

  9. There are so many fantastic things in that shop!!!

  10. Susan (and Bentley )

    I have to tell you I got a thrill every time I looked at a new picture with this post.

    I think you should take us on a tour of every shop like this in your hometown!

    Thanks for posting.

  11. Hello- Bentley is adorable-love your front porch- and i love the cowgirl pic-and i have that same red phone in our home.. Thanks for stopping by my blog-and the nice comment on my chair- you-ll have to stop back by-i think im going to do a giveaway ...
    Looking forward to following you

  12. Very cool store. I would have trouble leaving with out one of those prizes. especially if I could use that truck!

  13. Susan and Bentley, Thanks for stopping by my blog! It is nice to hear from the South end of the state! We are tucked up here in the mountains, an hour or more to any sizable city. Those being Spokane, WA and Coeur D Alene, ID. I have a couple of haunts that I explore now and then and of course the yard sales and farm auctions.

  14. Oh this was a fun shopping trip! this store looks great. I want to go shopping there! Hum, let's see...from Michigan to Idaho is about 1700 miles....if I start now, I could make it in...I guess I will just have to shop through you.


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