Monday, May 17, 2010

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

Good Morning! I thought I'd join Cielo at House in the Roses to show off a corner of my herb garden off the back porch for "Show Off Your Cottage Monday". It's a beautiful morning. Very quiet, except for the birds singing and the chickens next door clucking and scratching. Where's Bentley???

He's over in the ground cover next to the fence listening to Beatrice, Florence, Thelma and Louise, our chicken neighbors. While we are enjoying our gardens, the folks down in the gulf region are worried about the oil spill. Please take a moment to stop by Kelee's Katillac Shack for her posting about a prayer session taking place this Wednesday evening for the area devastated by the oil slick. Thank you!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Bentley is too cute! Oh and your garden is nice too, ha! I will keep the gulf in my prayers for sure!
    Please visit my blog as I am having a give-a-way!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Well I certainly love those herbs!!

  3. Your herb are looking very happy!! :-)

  4. I bet sweet Bentley isn't much bigger than the chickens next door! The herb garden is looking great. I used to grow some in pots, and I would love to rub the leaves every time I walked past, just to get a whiff of all the yummyness!

  5. I love your little corner of herbs. I wish I could take some pics of mine, but it has been RAINING. Can you tell I have had enough of the rain :) and to top it off it is cold for Illinois. I am back in the flannels, lol
    kisses to Bentley

  6. Bentley is such a darling. Thanks for mentioning Kelee's on-line prayer session. I hopped on over there, and now have added a mention about it on my side bar. Your herb garden looks great!

  7. What a wonderful herb garden!! I have parsley, sage and rosemary. Maybe I should plant some of that as well. Oh my cilantro is growing like there's no tomorrow so I have been trying to cook things with cilantro in it. Lol! Bentley is so curious, how adorable. Lol!


    Michelle and the kit kats :)

  8. Bentley is waiting (hoping) to see if a chicken gets out of pocket so he can snag it!


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