Sunday, June 6, 2010

Higgledy Piggledy Garden

While it has still been raining quite a bit, we are keeping a sunny attitude at Ash Tree Cottage. So, in between the raindrops, I am showing you our "higgledy piggledy" garden off the back porch. It is surrounded by herbs, perennials and some annuals thrown in for color. Everything is truly just happy and living in harmony.

There are miniature twig chairs and shabby chic planters. There are annuals still waiting to be planted.

There are perennials opening up in front of daisies and feverfew that just grows wild around the cottage. Oh and look ... down a flagstone path are snowball bushes surrounding a little stone bench. Their branches are heavy from so much rain.

The rain and wind has knocked off their tiny petals of white. Well thats our brief tour of the little higgledy piggledy garden just off the back porch. Let's hope the sun will shine a bit again soon.

Bentley, lets hurry inside, looks like more rain!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. I love your sweet garden. I like the look of a cottage garden where everything is lush and seemingly unplanned. Yours is just like that!


  2. It's gorgeous, and I just can't wait for our winter to be over and for everything to burst into life again, just like at your place!
    Hi to Bentley.

  3. You call it higgledy piggledy, I call it gorgeous! You've got a nice sized patch of daisies there, and I'd love to see them when they're in bloom!

  4. Susan,
    Your blooms are so pretty. I hope it dries up and gets warmer for you and sweet Bentley :)

  5. Hi Susan!

    Oh, your garden is just lovely! Such a serene and relaxing space. :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  6. Love Love Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by so that I can discover you and darling Bentley!!!!! Im happy to meet you both!

  7. Such a lovely cozy place filled with color and obviously love (: It's the exact spot I would want to be any time of the day! Just a quiet time with a good book and some tea (:


  8. Your little garden is so cheerful and warm. It looks like a really nice place to sit down and relax. I sure wish we could swap weather for a couple of days.

  9. I like higgledy piggledy best. That is the way gardens should be, IMHO.

  10. hello! Thank you for visiting me at my blog, I loved seeing you there! Your garden is just so lovely and just the kind of garden I really like! The little watering can is so sweet too. Yes, hurry Bentley, don't get wet! Suzie x


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