Sunday, June 20, 2010

Porch Party Tribute to Daddy

As many of you know, my Daddy died this past Friday. In honor of him I'm going to lead you down the path to the house where Daddy designed a sun room for my Mom. We'll just walk down the path along the pond and head toward the big willow tree.

There is Mom's house in the distance and on the back of that house is the sun room that Daddy designed and my husband built from his plans. Daddy was both a business man and later a college professor, but in his heart, he was an architect. When Mom and Daddy moved to Idaho to be close to us they found this spot on a pond and Mom made Daddy promise to build her a sun room or she would not move. So he did. Lets go inside.

Here's a cozy little love seat. Sit down and get comfy while I show you around ...

Look, here's Bentley. He's comfy in a wicker chair. Grandma does have a way of spoiling him!!

Daddy designed a cathedral ceiling with lots of windows to take advantage of the big willow tree just outside at the edge of the pond.

No matter what the season, it's always so pleasant to sit in here and see the trees and the pond and folks walking along the path, or little boys and girls with their nets trying to catch tadpoles and frogs.

There are lots of ducks and geese and Mom always keeps a sack full of dried corn handy to feed them. It really helped to keep Daddy amused and the ducks and geese would run up to meet him and he hand fed them as often as he could.

It's easy to take a nap in the wicker rocker just like Bentley is doing now.

Come on out through the french door and I'll show you another favorite spot outside on the side of the house. Just past the patio and under the plum tree we will find ...

A mini pergola that my husband built for Daddy where we hung a porch swing. Daddy and Mom spent many happy hours sitting side by side on this swing. I'm happy knowing that this swing brought him so much pleasure.

Thank you for coming to visit Daddy's sun room and for sharing in my tribute to him. Thank you Rhondi for the opportunity to participate in your Porch Party.

Come on Bentley, time to go home.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Beautiful sunroom your dad designed. Great tribute to him, too.

  2. Susan I just read your post below. I am so, so sorry for your loss...but know that he is comfortable now and in peace and no longer suffering from his Alzheimers. Maybe my dad will befriend him while they are up there with the angels. :)) He designed such a beautiful room for your mom. What a beautiful thing to leave behind. Bentley sure loves it. :) Lots of love and lots of hugs coming your way from all of us.


    Michelle, Mocha, Quincy and Emma

  3. Susan,
    Your Mom's sunroom is lovely. What a nice gift from your Dad to your Mom. I am hoping you are doing okay and that you are finding some comfort at this time.
    Little Bentley looks mighty comfortable in that rocker. :)

  4. Dear Susan
    That sunroom is so beautiful and made even more so by the fact that it was a gift from your Dad.
    Thanks for joining the party today.
    Hugs Rhondi

  5. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad. I pray that you and your family will find comfort by the grace of God...beautiful house, and thanks for sharing.

  6. Susan, I'm so very sorry for the loss of your Daddy. That gorgeous sunroom is a lasting legacy though. It's gorgeous! I love the shape of the windows, and I bet that when you sit in there, it's like your Daddy wrapping his arms around you, surrounding you with love. What a beautiful tribute this post is to your Daddy!

  7. Hi Susan,
    I am so sorry about your Dad's passing. He designed a wonderful sunroom for your Mom.
    It's charming, the windows are wonderful and it's decorated so lovely!
    Thanks for sharing during this difficult time.

  8. What a beautiful sunroom -- and I notice all your blue and white on the right -- my kind of dishes!

    Sorry about your father -- but you have some wonderful memories.

  9. What a beautiful space and sweet memories. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  10. Simply lovely!!! What will happen to this beautiful place now? Is your mom still there? Will it be yours?

    These questions are fresh in my mind, because my "root" house is being sold right now and I just posted about that over at my place this morning.

  11. Beautiful room and swing. I hope that those memories will help you during this sad time. ((((HUGS))))

  12. Thanks so much Susan for that lovely tour of what looks like a warm and cozy place that is filled with love! What wonderful memories you all have> Your father left a tremendous legacy...
    Tina xo

  13. Oh my gosh! Your daddy was an angel! I am so very sorry for your loss, I hope you find comfort in God's promise that we will be reunited with our loved ones someday. Thank you sharing such a beautiful story. Marcia

  14. What an absolutely beautiful room, you Dad was so clever! Suzie xx

  15. What a beautiful sunroom, and a beautiful tribute to your dad, so fresh in your loss, and on Father's day. thank you.

  16. What a precious bright sunroom your dad built for your Mom. That pergola seat hubby made for your Daddy is just beautiful..Thanks for the stroll. It was lovely.

  17. Oh, Susan! First of all let me tell you how sorry I am about your dad. I can tell how much you loved him just from this post, and I'm sending big hugs your way.

    What a beautiful sun room! It is just perfect, and he did an excellent job designing it. And I can just see your parents in that pretty swing, too. It is a lovely setting. SO peaceful and tranquil. I adore that check cloth and the cute table and chairs! And the window looks like one in my friends house that an architect did, indeed, design!

    It's funny because my FIL always wanted to be an architect, but his mother wanted him to be a lawyer. So he did that for her. Yet, he was always painting and drawing.

    I dropped by on the Porch Party Train to see you, and I'm so glad I did! This was a lovely post.

    Happy First Day of Summer on the Porch!


    Sheila :-)

  18. I think it was the perfect tribute to your dad. If I was your mother I would have moved too to have that phenomenal sun room. Built with love. A post of love. We are here for you if you need us.

  19. Awwww...I loved your post! Very precious. We just moved my parents in with us and one of the things they love the most is spending time with us on our back porch...which I posted about. We love it. I putter there a lot and they sit and has been wonderful! what a beautiful blog you have too....that speaks greatly of the kind of person you are. I loved the porch tour...and will be back for more visiting!

  20. What a wonderful room that your dad built for your's beautiful!! I can see that Bentley loves the room too. Keeping you, your mom, and family in my thoughts and prayers.

  21. I am joining your from the porch party. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your father. I can see he must have been a wonderful man who loved his family very much. That is a beautiful sunroom he designed for his wife! I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers as well!

  22. My thoughts of with you Susan in this great time of sadness.
    Your father was a very talented man (your husband as well) that sunroom is gorgerous! What a lovely home your parents have. It is so warm and inviting. I would love a sunroom.

    Sending my blessings and love to you
    Pamela xoxo

  23. Just beautiful!
    I´m so sorry for you loss!

    lovely post!

  24. What a lovely room and what a wonderful tribute to your father. I am so sorry for your loss; I know that you and your mother will always have him close when gazing out at the pond. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

  25. I'm new to your blog and I'll be adding you to my favorites. Came over from Rhondi's porch party. So very sorry to hear about your dad. I still miss my parents every single day. Loved your heartfelt tribute and the sunroom is wonderful. Mimi

  26. What a lovely remembrance, and a warming tribute!

    I still see the work of my Dad's hands in the furniture he made for me, in the shelves we built together on several different visits. There are still nail holes in the walls where he "helped me" hang pictures---I'd stand back and decide "more to the left" and he'd just bang another nail into the wall.

    I know that being in that special, beautiful room is a great comfort to you and to your Mother. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful, memorable place.

  27. Having just "met" you(although your comments were already familiar to me over at Content In A Cottage)through your vist to my blog (thank you so much for the comment and I see we also have some musical tastes in common--Ella and C. Isaak), I am sorry to learn about your recent loss.
    Your father sounded like such an interesting and creative soul. Your parent's home is unbelievably beautiful!

  28. Dear Susan,

    I am so sorry for your loss. There are no easy words to say but know that you have our support and sympathy at this very difficult time. I lost my dad about 1 1/2 years ago and just knowing people were there and cared helped me get through it.

  29. Susan,
    I'm a little slow in getting here but I wanted to send my sympathy to you over the loss of your father.
    You've posted a wonderful tribute to him. My heart goes out to both your Mom and you.
    Take care


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