Friday, June 4, 2010

Rain and More Rain in the Garden!!

I would love to get out in the garden but as I look out the front window, there is nothing but rain. Rain and more rain! The ground cover is so thick it has buried the old lawn chairs out front. My poor peonies have lots of buds, but the cool temps and lack of sunshine are keeping the blossoms from opening up.

I still have pansies though. They are happy in the cool and wet weather. Bentley and I are longing to get outside, but we'll just have to poof and fluff the inside of the cottage.

First I want to show you this darling set of handmade jewelry I won from Jennifer over at The Toy Box Years!! Thank you so much Jennifer! I know that I will enjoy wearing these sweet pieces this summer.

Aside from fluffing the pillows in the cottage, I'll be visiting Cindy's Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home, and Brenda's Cozy Little House for Welcome Wagon Friday.

Bentley, if we put on your yellow rain slicker you can go outside and not get too wet. Bentley says no.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan,
    Can't wait to see more of your yard when it warms up and dries up! The wet weather would not be kind to Bentley's "doggie-do."

  2. I love your ground's so lush!! Love your new jewelry too, perfect for summer!

    I feel we have rain on the way and I don't mind because I really do have a lot of poofing!! Let's just hope it clears up for the weekend!!

    Regards to Bentley!


  3. My Bentley would be all over that. He wants to go for walks all day! It will dry up soon and your flowers will be fantastic!

  4. Hi Susan & Bentley,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. :)) It;s nice to meet another Windy City area girl as well. My sister-in-law has a pup just like yours.. his name is "Mister Jinx" I see you like makeup too! :))

  5. Now that's a lot of rain! I always check the forecast for rain. I guess you check it for sunshine. lol. What a lush ground cover.

  6. Hope you get some sunshine soon!

    Thanks for stopping by earlier! I hope you and Bently have a fantastic weekend :)

  7. Hi Susan...everyone is talking about rain...and we could really use some.
    Tomorrow is another day of garage sales...I hope.
    It is getting hotter and hotter so we must get out there earlier than usual.

    I love those wooden barrels that I see your pansies in. I went flower shopping today and really didn't find much worth while as the heat has hit the garden shops and wilted all their flowers. I don't think they have the help to keep them as wet as they need to.

    I bought about 8 plants and none were really great looking but I must get some in before the REAL heat or they will just fry!

    Have a nice weekend...see you next week. :)


  8. Hope you get some sunshine this weekend. We've had a lot of rain too, but it's hot, humid, and sun during the daytime and stormy weather in the evening..don't like that.
    Your ground cover looks wonderful. Bentley need little boots too is he goes out in his raincoat. Our Nora(years ago) wouldn't go out in rain or snowwithout em.

  9. We have had sooooo much rain! Good news is everything is super green and I haven't had to water. Yay! Plus, I can pull out a full weed like magic. After a good soaking it feels good to go weeding! Have a great day and I will hope for sunshine!


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