Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vintage Kitsch Fun! And an Award Too!

Let's put on a pot of coffee, kick back and have a bit of vintage kitchen kitsch fun! I'm a huge fan of I Love Lucy, so when I saw this coffee pot at a yard sale I had to buy it. Lucy had one like it.

Speaking of Lucy, do you remember the episode where Lucy and Ricky were late arriving for dinner at the owner of the Tropicana's apartment? Lucy was so hungry that she picked up an apple from a fruit bowl on the coffee table and it wasn't until she bit into it that she realized it was wax!! So here's a vintage bowl of fruit for you, but don't eat it any!! It's fake!!

Vintage kitsch goes from kitchen to patio. Let's mix up some marinade in a vintage carafe and give Daddy-O a chance to show off his grilling talent!

How about some vintage Salty and Peppy shakers. They are just too cute!!

I love these little vintage measuring spoons and the Fiesta pitcher too.

Brightly colored measuring cups and a cute vintage spoon rest too! Thank you so much for visiting me today and for giving me a chance to show off some kitsch. Please stop by to visit Suzanne at Colorado Lady for more vintage fun!

I also want to thank my dear friend Rosemary for sending me the Sunshine Award! Rosemary has the most interesting, fun and informative blog! Rosemary's blog is Content in a Cottage. Please stop by and visit this dear friend of mine and her faithful companion Webster. If we didn't live so far apart, Bentley and Webster would be playing outside together right now!

What's that Bentley? I know you want to play with Webster right now, but New Jersey is far away from Idaho. We'll have to set up a play date in advance!!

Susan and Bentley



  1. G'Mornin' Susan!

    You have some very sweet vintage kitsch things! Oh yes, I remember I Love Lucy! How
    great that you have a coffee pot like hers!

    Hope you are having a sweet day!! Hugs to Bentley!


  2. That coffee pot is fabulous! It sure reminds me of I Love Lucy and Lucy and Ricky's apartment.


  3. Everything is just too cute and really vintage! Who didn't love Lucy??? My favorite episodes were when they moved to the country in the cottage style house. Love seeing those episodes. I don't think she is on right now on any of my channels :(

  4. Oooooppppsss, forgot my buddy. Arf, Bentley!

  5. VERY fun goodies! I especially like the measuring spoons and holder :)


  6. I am drooling over your treasures. All of them. I have a question about the little black tray with the Daddy O cookbook. Do you know it's purpose? Someone told me that they were a bank give away. Thanks for any imput.

  7. Adorable post, wonderful retro treasures, too! I love Lucy, too! My parents started out their married life with Salty and Peppy ~ I have them now!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  8. I love all your vintage items--they're so fun and colorful!

  9. Hi Susan and Bentley, You have a great collection of cool vintage goodies for the kitchen. Thank you for stopping by. Have a good Friday........Julian

  10. I love the Salty and Peppy shakers. I kind of wish I had bought some, but I never did.

  11. I love your coffee pot!! I love Lucy too!!!! Sorry I have not been around!!

  12. I love everything! But especially your coffee pot & Salty and Peppy, so much fun.

    Happy VTT and tummy rubs for Bentley,

  13. Adorable! I am too young for I Love Lucy when it aired originally but I worked 3rd shift for years and watched every episode that aired on Nick at Nite so am a huge fan! I love your little measuring spoons and Fiestaware pitcher. Such great treasures today, happy VTT and thanks for sharing!

  14. Make room as I will be over for coffee with you. I loved seeing some of these vintage dishes again. They do not make shows like Lucy and some of the others anymore. I enjoyed it so much.

  15. Oh, I love all your goodies, but that measuring spoon set is so CUTE!!! I'd love to have a vintage Fiestaware pitcher!!! Have a great VTT!

  16. Great vintage kitchen stuff Susan!
    I'm a huge fan of Lucy.. I have all her DVD's they're so much fun to watch!
    Your stuff reminds me of Mary Engelbreit !
    Pamela xo

  17. I just bought some"Lucy" fabric last week! I want to make an apron, I love Lucy too!

  18. I love Love Lucy, although I don't remember the apple one. The coffee pot is brilliant! Suzie xxx

  19. just loved everthing here.....


  20. Oh how I love this blog! And love all the fun kitchy finds! Would love those salty and peppy shakers too.
    Here's an amazing story for you...still to this day I kick myself...
    I had a huge Beakins moving box (about 3 feet tall) filled with hundreds of my grandmothers salt and pepper shakers (highly collectable now) Somehow I managed to bring the entire box to the goodwill by mistake and got rid of them without realizing it and never go them this day I've never gotten over that blunder!
    PS so see no matter what, don't you feel good about having those darling shakers:)

  21. Great post and fun treasures!


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