Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Suppers

I grew up in a "Leave It To Beaver" kind of family.
Mom has always been a June Cleaver type of Mom.
One of my favorite memories from my childhood is
Sunday Supper.

The Sunday meal at our house was always special.
Flowers on the table, candles were lit, the good china, silver and crystal
were on the table and soft music was in the background.

Mom served the meal early in the afternoon. There was always
an appetizer, followed by a roast of some sort, vegetable and a salad.

Mom always served a special dessert too which of
course was the highlight of the meal.

It was a time for us to sit down as a family and share our lives.
Mom insisted on only happy discussions.

Spending time with family and friends and enjoying a meal
together is important and it's a way to create
treasured memories.

Right Bentley??

Susan and Bentley


  1. Sadly it's not so much of a tradition any longer.
    I grew up with Sunday dinner, roast leg of lamb, beef or pork,roasted potatoes and all the fixings.
    Not so much formal, but always a tablecloth, and a pot of tea in the best china teapot.
    I miss those days, everyone scattered about, my highlight is often contact by text message.
    Love your china, so very pretty.
    Where's Bentley's Sunday bowl ?

  2. I hope you make tons of great memories during your Sunday supper today! I love the Leave It to Beaver theme song, LOL!

  3. Hi Susan! What a wonderful memory! And such pretty dishes! My family always sat down at every meal and I carried that to my own family. I think it is so important! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Love your post! I just finished making rice pudding for our Sunday supper! Mom and Dad will be arriving and enjoying biscuits, Shepard's Pie, and rice pudding for dessert. Love your post! :)Alyssa

  5. I agree, great memories! we had roast on sunday usually...we did not use the good china but it was wonderful family time together.

  6. I always wanted to be June Cleaver and planned on it as a child. I had it all figured out..hmm. Well, it is never too late and your sweet post reminds us of this. Thank you for telling us that June Cleaver is alive and well. Now, I think I will be off and get that brownie recipe out that I was going to try.

    Have a good one!

  7. sounds wonderful. We had sunday dinners but not as fancy as that.

  8. Oh Susan~ I remember Sunday Suppers too! Mom, Daid and all the children around the table. What a wonderful memory. Thanks for reminding me. I still try to do the Sunday Supper, but in this fast paced world ~ it's hard ~ but I keep trying :-) (((HUGS)))

  9. Yep, my "boys" (26 and 27yo) still come home for dinner on Sundays. We had turkey, garlic mashed potatoes and dilled carrots today-yum:@)

  10. We had Sunday dinners too growing up. With six children they were not fancy affairs, but wonderful just the same.

  11. I grew up pretty much the same way, minus the flowers and candles. And I kept up the tradition until my older kids moved out. I need to start a new tradition of inviting them over. Your dishes are beautiful!


  12. I so agree! Family dinners keep the family in touch with each other. So important even today. Mimi

  13. As the kids get older, sit down meals have become more and more scarce in my home. But when my oldest is home, seems all i do is cook, we all sit with bowls in out laps around the big screen though. Alittle different , but still being together every bit as enjoyable........Bonnie

  14. We, too, Mom, Dad and I always had Sunday Supper together and it was usually a big meal. Meat, potatoes, vegetable, rolls. Sometimes Granny and Grandpa would come over and eat with us. Wonderful memories. Oh how I wish we could have come to each other's Sunday Suppers as kids :)

  15. We always had "supper" together every night but Sunday's were special at our house, too. Mother didn't have very many pretty things but she used what she had to make the table pretty.
    Thanks for the memories.

  16. We always did that too...only at Sunday lunch!
    My gang is all grown, but when we get together it always seems to be......Sunday Lunch :^)
    I have to tell you that the fork on the blue rimmed plate, is my silver pattern. 1922, Grosvenor.
    Thanks for a big smile today!!


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