Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Camera Woes

Yesterday the USB cable shorted out.  It was fried!  Now I have to locate another
one for my camera.  I have a spare, but it does not work in my Fuji Finepix.
It seems like it's always something doesn't it?  

So here are some old pics.  You probably remember this tablescape, but since these
pics are already loaded up they will have to do.  Just think of this post as a 
re-run summer post until the new posts start for the fall season.

Just kidding ~ I plan to get a new USB cable in the next day or two.  We used
to have a camera shop downtown, but all of them have moved out to the mall
area and I really don't like the mall.  I love little independent shops where the service is great and the shop keepers know you by name.  Earlier today I was over at one
of my favorite little antique shops and the owner gave me some garden snips
and told me to snip a big bouquet of zinnias to take home with me.  She even gave
me a big canning jar to put them in.  No one does that for me at the mall.  On
another day I was in another friend's shop and she gave me her current issue of
Town and Country because there was a big article about horses and horsewomen
and she had already read it.  And when I go to my local co-op I don't even
have to give the clerks my member number because they all have it memorized.
Shopping in small shops is like living in a small Mayberry type town where 
the owners treat you like a neighbor and a friend.  So, until I get up the energy
to fight the traffic and crowds at the mall, I will be showing you re-runs.
Of course if I get tired of showing you pics you have already seen, I'll get 
over there faster!

Bentley does not like the mall either because once when I tried to 
carry him in with me, the security guard told me Bentley had to 
leave.  At little local shops, the owners have water bowls and treats
for furry friends.  So Bentley believes in buying local and
 supporting independent shops!!

Susan and Bentley


  1. You can down load pics directly from the memory card Susan. That is what I do every time.

  2. I detest malls! So cold and enclosed. Kind of claustrophobic. I love the small shops.

  3. ;-)
    That smile is for your delightful post here, Susan. Reruns are fine with me. As I used to tell my students, revisiting a book again and again is a good thing. The same is true for beautiful images.
    Malls ~ haven't been in one in many months. I like the small shops owned by individuals. If we don't support them, they will disappear. Too many have gone under as it is.

  4. We have 2 yorkies and I love that our small local shops let us bring them in. We actually have an outlet mall and a outdoor type mall here that we can take the dogs to. It is up to each shop if you can take the dogs into their store and so far, every shop that I wanted to go in has actually let us carry them in. I was surprised, but it was a good surprise!

  5. I'll do anything to avoid the mall. The only time I go is when I have to visit the Apple store. Then I get out of there ASAP. I love small shops, shop owners you know by name - we need to frequent them and give them our business. Good luck with the USB cable.


  6. Cock a doodle! This tablescape will dooooo me just fine! :)

  7. I love mom and pop shops myself... and is where I buy from. Old-fashioned and homemade is my motto... and so pleased you feel the same way!

    Love your blog

  8. Beautiful tablescape! Doesn't it irk you when they won't let you in a store with your little dog . . .

  9. Oh how true about small shops vs large malls...no comparison. I can't even remember the last time I went to the mall. Beautiful tablescape!!


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