Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Latest Plan for the Cabin

We have decided on a smaller cabin plan after we went through our
"Mr Blandings Builds His Dream House" phase.  Here is the exterior and I
think it's pretty sweet.

We plan to tweak a few things.  We are planning a full size basement, so
we will put a laundry room and a half bath down there and eventually
a little family room.  It will be a walk out basement because our property
slopes to the back.  Oh and see that door leading out the back?  I want to
eliminate that door (turn it into a window) and put in french doors where
the back window in the living room is currently.  Then we plan to put
a full porch across the back of the cabin (as well as the front porch).  We
might screen in that porch.  We don't have lots of bugs here, but it might
be nice to have it screened in so that we can sleep out there in the
summer if we want.

This is the second floor.  There is just one bedroom and a bath up there.
There is a cute little dormer in the bedroom.  I will move the water heater
and furnace to the basement and may use that extra space to add to the
bathroom.  Have you begun to notice that I just can't leave things alone?

Now to the fun stuff ~ decorating.  I have been saving ideas on Pinterest and
in print on my ideas board above my desk.  Lots of our friends who have
cabins in the mountains have gone with western/cowboy/native American themes
for their decor.  I'm much more of an east coast or British style girl.  I want
a cabin that reflects lots of family mementos and our interests.  Comfy chairs
and old sofas with a slipcover or two.

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Or like this.  I have an old farmhouse style coffee table in my potting shed
right now.  David inherited furniture from his Mom.  There is a long tuxedo
style sofa with an adorable cottage print with a red background and floral
accents.  An old mahogany bow front secretary desk.  A floral print
side chair, a cute little antique child's chair with a rush seat.  And
a chair like this one ...

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

When David's sisters asked which pieces of furniture we wanted, I was the only
one who wanted this chair.  I always loved it and was so thrilled when no one
else loved it.  It would have looked great in "Mr Blandings Dream House"
don't you think?  Or maybe in the "Christmas in Connecticut" house.  Or the
movie "George Washington Slept Here".

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Love this table and chairs.  I won't have enough room for a hutch like this,
but isn't it charming?

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

My kitchen will be bigger than this one, but I do love the look of painted
cabinets.  I plan to have open shelving above the counter so that everything
is in easy reach and it's fun to display dishes I love.  David bought me a
fluted farmhouse sink for my birthday.  It's in the storage facility with
the furniture right now.  For now I visit it.  Love the skirt under the sink.
By now you all know how much I love them.

Did you ever read the book The Big House by George Howe Colt?  It's
about a family who owned a summer house that was filled with family
memories of happy summers.  They can't afford to keep it any more
because of the continually increasing taxes, so they try to find a buyer
who will love and appreciate all of it's ancient quirks.  I loved the author's
recollection of family dinners where each of them had to wear someone else's
shoes.  Men wore the women's pumps and the women wore the men's shoes.
What fun and oh how silly!  I believe in silly.

Remember this kitchen from The Holiday?  So sweet and I just
love it!  Everyone needs a fireplace in the kitchen, don't you agree?

If I could find and or afford a tub like this I would be doing a happy dance!

Well, I have talked your ear off by now.  Sorry, it's always been a
problem of mine.  When I was in 2nd grade my teacher told my parents at
a parent/teacher conference that I talked too much.  Old habits die hard :D!

So I will leave you now to go visit some other posts at two great
Sunday parties ~

Season Sundays
Sunny Simple Sundays

I think I have bored Bentley.  He is curled up on the sofa ~ snoring too!
I'll be quiet now and try not to wake him up.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh, goodness. My mother does this a lot. Looking at house plans in case we ever build a little house out on our land. (We're HUGE fans of cabins, too).

    And I agree. All kitchens should have a fireplace. It just looks so much more cozy with a fireplace. (We use a fireplace only once or twice a year, if at all, but I still can't imagine a house without one). In a kitchen I love seeing a fireplace, at least one wall covered in brick, and dark wood.


  2. Love the plan you have settled on and that interior style will be perfect with it! ~ Maureen

  3. Sweet plans! Lucky you doesn't everyone wish they had a cabin. Wish I had those red kitchen cabinets.

  4. Susan, I believe in silly too. The cabin looks splendid. I like your look and I adore British and Cozy as well. I know you are beyond excited. hugs, olive

  5. wow thats a mansion compared to my little 4 room cabin.. Something about log homes feels so cozy and safe.
    I know you'll be excited to get started on it and of course we want every detail along the way so we can live vicariously through your building experience.

  6. Love the style you chose! Christmas in Conn. and THe Holiday. Just adore the look and it will be so much fun putting it all together!

  7. Oh my goodness! I love this post! I live in a log home and now I want it to look like these pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh, this is exciting! Love your choice. You two are doing it right, storing things you know you'll want to use in the cabin, planning ahead. It's going to be fun following along as you build this dream.

  9. Oh my...I love the style of cabin that you picked. How exciting!!
    How fun to dream and plan for your cabin.

  10. Hi Susan,

    This is a lovely cabin exterior, and it looks like a nice floor plan. You've got some good ideas for the interior, and how nice that you inherited that wonderful furniture! Your post has me thinking about how nice it would be to have a mountain cabin. :)

    Thanks for your visit and comments and have a wonderful week.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  11. I am so excited for you, Susan. You are going to have so much fun decorating and then enjoying it.


  12. I love all your ideas for that darling cabin. I especially love that you aren't going to do the traditional western thing with your interior. It will be so warm and cozy. Thanks for your visit and comments. Dianne

  13. I'm already loving your plans for the dream cabin! I am also like you, I JUST CAN'T LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE! Loving your plans for the house and the ideas for decor, again, I'm also an (fake) "English girl" for my decor style, or eastern USA, BEING FROM NYC I GUESS THAT'S THE STYLE I PREFER AS WELL. Lovely dear Susan. Thank you so much for your visit, honey. Have a terrific week.

  14. Oh, Susan: I would be in my glory to be planning something like you are. That cabin is stunning. Love the porch across the front. You are a lucky girl and we are all so lucky to go along with you..Happy Sunday..Judy

  15. I'm drooling! I love to see house plans. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful project to be involved in!

  16. How exciting ~ plans look wonderful and decor even better ~ Wow~ Thanks for coming by and hugs to Bentley from ArtMuseDog ^_^ ( A Creative Harbor)

  17. What a dream cabin! I am so far behind visiting around I missed where you were building.
    Thanks for stopping by. Kids now days need more toys like legos since they challenge their creativity in a good way. Grandson liked the lego store and granddaughter liked the coach store the best. :-D
    Have a great week.

  18. The plans for your new cabin looks amazing! I agree french doors off the back would be great. We use our front porch all the time and would add as many porches as you can. Thanks for following will be your newest follower. Looking forward to seeing your cabin plans move forward. Laura

  19. Susan~ The decorating part is always the most fun~ don't you love Pinterest?! Good luck with your building and plans~ I can't wait to see!

  20. How exciting for you to be building your cabin! We have always dreamed of doing that but are not quite there. I, too, have a Pinterest board named log cabin dreams. I will have to go check your board because your plans look wonderful!

  21. I think it should be a law that EVERYone be able to have a DREAM CABIN...with a fireplace in the kitchen..a slipper bathtub...and a sleeping porch. :))

  22. The plans look just wonderful. Porches are always a great idea! I'd definitely make the back one screened in.

    You'll have so much fun decorating!

  23. I LOVED reading about - and seeing - your log cabin plans....soooo exciting! I look forward to seeing more as it progresses! How lovely it will be, and what fun to create the interior :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Helen x

  24. Oh it is going to be perfect. I have always loved that plan with covered front porch and with red painted cabinets oh how sweet.

  25. Hi Susan, nice to meet you...I much enjoyed my visit here ,thanks for yours. Glad I could help with the fridge:))


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