Monday, August 20, 2012

I've Been Tweaking Again

Very few things that arrive to our cottage remain the same.  
I'm always tweaking something to better please my eye.  Case in
point ~ this lamp shade.  Too country for me, but it was a cheapie,
so I tweaked it.

Now it looks like this.

Much better.  I wonder if my hubby will notice it?
Probably not.

I am joining ~ 


Bentley ~ Momma has to put her foot up and put the ice bag 
back on her big toe.  It still hurts after I overturned the cast iron
boot scraper onto my toe last night while I was watering
the flowers.  Ouch!

Susan and Bentley


  1. Sweetsuch soft colors, !
    I love floral prints :)

  2. Such a sweet floral print - great change! Jane@Bluebird1959

  3. Get new look for the lamp shade. Love the soft colored print. Much better! OUCH! sure hope the toe feels better…………

    The French Hutch

  4. My Hubby won't ntie most things for a long time, then once in awhile he will surprise me and notice right away. Take care of that toe.....ouch.

  5. Ouch indeed! Hope the toe is better. Love the tweak to the lampshade.

  6. Love the shade tweak. Hope your toe is better. I have caught up with you love the house plans.

  7. Suan ~ first of all ~ OUCH ~~~!!!! Oh that just hurts thinking about it. I hope your toe is better. I've done that. We have a cast iron door stopper. They do NOT give when your toe hits it. I feel your pain. Go with flip flops for awhile (and slippers ;-) ) Your lamp shade is just darling. What a great makeover. Love tweaking little things ~ try and stay off your toe ~

  8. A little tweaking can make a world of difference. I think the results of your tweaking are great, I love the fabri you used on the lampshade. I hope your toe feels better soon. Did your hubby notice? I dont think mine would.

  9. Love your tweaking! Sorry about the toe:( You have a cute collection of hats too Susan!~ Thanks for your visit. I am glad I made you smile with drink a bottle paint a bottle..a girls just wanto have fun too!!~:)

  10. Very cute. Love the blue. Hope your toe heals quickly.

  11. Much better look on the lamp shade and take care of that toe. I hate running into things in the night, just last night me and an armoire had a run in.

  12. Love the fabric you used on the lamp shade...very pretty. Ouch...hope your toe feels better soon.


  13. I LOVE that!!! You did really great at tweaking!!! Have Lil' Bentley give your poor poor toe LOTS and LOTS of BOO BOO Kisses!!! Hope it feels better...
    Big Hugs,

  14. Ouch, indeed! Cute little lamp with its new shade..........Sarah

  15. Things I buy rarely stay the same...and by that I mean almost never.

  16. Oh I love the new shade. Great lamp and so cute vignette. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  17. I like the new lamp shade...a little tweaking never hurts. Your toe on the other hand, ouch!



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