Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Is Our Future Sunny Or Bleak?

My heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones in the Boston
Marathon bombings.  My prayers are with those who were injured.

For too many years our nation has lived with the fear of terrorism.
We live with economic insecurity.  
There are days when I refuse to listen to the news because it is so gloomy.

What happened to hope?

I do not want to live in a world without hope. 
No matter how stormy the skies, I will keep my sights on the sun. 

Most of us want peace and security.  We want a bright future for those
we love.  We want the clouds to clear.  I believe that when we work 
together for the good of all we can make it happen.  Please join me
in prayer, in belief that we can create a bright and sunny future.
When we trust in God, all things are possible.

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you all who are suffering through these uncertain times. xx

  2. My cousin and I were talking recently about how we try to avoid the news now, it seems so very bad. And I mentioned that "back in the day" we wouldn't have seen this, today's media takes us right into the midst of all this, and I think it's hard on all of us. However, I have already decided that "I will trust the Lord" (my new motto), then pray and do whatever I can to lift others' burdens. Thanks for sharing this, it's encouraging. Hugs ~ Mary

  3. We must keep hope. There are more good people than bad. More goodness than evil. I like your sunny attitude and I share in your prayer.
    Ruthie from:

  4. Amen, Susan -- well said. I was thinking pretty much the same thing last night. Our local 11:00 p.m. news had nothing but one bad story after another.

    The power of prayer is powerful; thank you for your uplifting post.

    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. Susan,
    Yes - we are living in difficult times. But we can't let this type of event get in our way or prevent each of us from living the way we usually lead our lives. The US is one of the safest countries around, fortuntly due to the ocean boundaries that surround us. My husband was military and we lived in Germany in the 80s. Military soldiers walked with machine guns and were in all the airports in the 80s. Any time we drove onto post, we had our cars checked with mirrors and dogs. You would hear of bombings every week - but never in the paper. Sadly, this has been happening for many decades in Europe and in Western Asia.
    It's more dangerious getting into our cars day in and day out to drive to the grocery store or to take a family vacation. Our teenagers and adults are killing themselves and others with their texting and talking on their cell phones in greater numbers than Americans being attached by bombing --- approx. 6,000 were killed in the US in 2011.
    It IS sad what happened this past weekend. It IS terrible what happened!! I pray that they find who did this and take the appropriate action. I pray for the victims and their families and I pray for our Nation to not let this deter us, but to make us stronger and more aware of those around us and what others are doing for our own safety and the safety of others.
    God Bless, Suzan

  6. I look at the kindness and heroic acts that were displayed in the midst of the chaos. There is so much good in the world too :-)

  7. I want to live in hope too. But I don't know how anyone can stop these random acts of violence, since no one can predict what is in the mind of a crazy person. The only thing we can do is hope there is more good in this world than evil.

  8. It's up to each and every single one of us not to lose hope - to walk in light and spread that light. Our ancestors, surely, lived through harder times and always kept their eyes on the 'better future'. We can too. When we give in to fear, then evil wins.

  9. I always have hope, and I constantly pray. I find myself praying more for others, rather than my own needs. I guess I feel I have more than enough. But others would not feel that way when they see exactly what I've got or never had, I'm sure. But we need to have hope, go about our business, live our lives, but we must never, ever let our guard down, We need to be vigilant and mindful and take the time to report unusual things. I also think that the Internet Gods need to step up and remove material from certain websites, which just feed the demonic minds. xo

  10. I always try to look and see the glass half full instead of empty. During these time it is very hard to do that because it is scary and the unknown and fear is there. I am praying all the time for everyone in the country to be safe, happy and healthy, What has happened again in our country actually makes me very angry and sad but then I think about how tough all of us are and that we all pull together during these very sad events the HOPE and STRENGTH comes back.


  11. I have always been a political and news junkie, but in the past couple of years, I have been less so. However, I do not know how anyone could be depressed looking at the cheerful yellow and blue that you have used in this post. Thanks for the uplifting message and sunny post!

  12. Nobody knows how to fight these kind of attacks they are directed at the common people, we have little to say in the running of our countries we elect in people and they have a free run for a few years, they are well protected and the common people are not, so they become the target. It is the act of a coward to do this but because it's hard to work out who is good and who is evil the solution is not easy.
    Newspapers sell because the report the dramatic if they also reported what's good in the world and people reacted and still were interested in good news as well as bad we would be more hopeful for the future.

  13. I'm with you, Susan... it seemed bleak this week but remember, people ran TOWARDS the bomb to help their fellow man... so no matter what... there are people who will rise above it and be heroes, and that helped me feel better. I'm praying for all, too.

  14. We always have to remain hopeful that the good will rise above the evil in the world. I'm thankful there were people willing to come to the aid of those injuried. My daughter lives in NYC and rides the subway everyday, I worry. So have to keep focused on the positive things in life. Praying for the injured and the families that lost loved ones. Remaining hopeful, Laura

  15. We live in a crazy world don't we? I'm with you, most days I don't watch the news. I just try to keep my little spot on earth as peaceful as possible. Mimi


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