Friday, April 19, 2013

Things I Collect

When I go to antique, thrift or consignment shops there are some things
that always catch my eye.  Those of you who follow me know that I am a
total dishaholic.  So when I saw this Limoges bullion cup all alone and missing
it's saucer, I fell in love with this little orphan.

So sweet and delicate.  I will probably set it on my desk.

I love vintage wooden spools.  I never use the thread on them.
I just save them like works of art.  

Vintage linens are a huge passion of mine.  Table cloths, napkins,
quest towels are always following me home.

Happily Joining ~

Bentley and I will be very busy fluffing the cottage this
morning getting ready for a fun weekend.

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. What a beautiful, delicate little cup! I wish I still had time to flea market and thrift store shop....they have all the best stuff!
    You take lovely pictures.


  2. Sweet finds that make a charming vignette. Your little Limoges cup is beautiful!

  3. The Limoges cup is gorgeous! I think saving little lost items like this are a calling!

  4. Hi Susan,
    Pretty photos, so elegant looking. I like your cup, I would have never known what they were though so thanks for teaching me something new today. Have a great week!

  5. Oh, my gosh! I am seriously in love with that Limoges! And the linen! I don't collect wooden spools, but from now on I'm going to be so aware of them! I'm going back to admire the Limoges . . .

  6. Great finds, I love that Limoges cup. Stunning!! Have a great weekend.


  7. All such lovely finds . Thanks for sharing them with us ! Have a good day !

  8. Beautiful pinks. The Limoges is so pretty and I love the pink threads, delicate color.Happy pink saturday

  9. lovely double handle sipping cup and the pink napkin and wooden spools.

  10. I love collections. There is just something so satisfying about looking at them. Sounds like a fun weekend ahead. xo Laura

  11. I have always had a love for dishes, even if I did not need or buy them. I have so very much of vintage linen and several old spool of thread. Also, have a perfect set of the Flower of the Month cups and saucers.

  12. Yes, I too am a dishaholic, daughter of one, sister to 3 more! I love your little bouillon cup. It just goes to show that supersize portions are something new. I can just see these dainty cups used at a ladies' luncheon. And old them, buy them, treat them every so carefully. Treasures!

  13. Susan- You have collected some VERY beautiful things! I love dishes, too, and have to put a hold on myself so that I don't keep buying. Love the sweet bouillon cup! xo Diana

  14. Oh how very pretty. Delicate in design and substance. What a treasure to enjoy on your desk. I understand the 'disease.' It could be a lot worse. Yes? Hope you and Bentley have a wonderful time and an Extraordinary weekend.

  15. I noticed the wooden spools immediately! I used to make them into children's knitting spools. I asked my father to hammer 4 nails into them to get me started on creating "the world's longest knit cord" with leftover balls of yarn.

  16. Vintage linens, beautiful Limoges and wooden spools...we do have a lot in common. All of your finds are just beautiful!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  17. We collect the same things Susan, right down to the little wooden spools of thread. I don't use mine either. The little limoges cup was a wonderful find. I would have snapped that up ~ have a wonderful weekend my friend (((Hugs)))

  18. I would be very happy if I had such a delicate cup in my humble collection. It's beauty. Happy weekend. Regula

  19. I am so glad that you adopted the orphan cup. Something that pretty should have a home. I also like old spools of thread. When I picked up a lovely old sewing machine cabinet at a yard sale one year, I found several spools of small thread in the drawers. Your pictures are lovely as always.
    Have a terrific weekend and blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

  20. The little cup has found a good home...I used to paint on spools. I used them for many craft projects. What a shame that they don't make the wooden ones anymore...Balisha

  21. We like the same things - that bullion cup would have been impossible for me to ignore.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  22. Oh Susan
    Wonderful Limoges cup - I can't imagine anyone could part with it!
    I'm so glad it's found a safe haven with you and will be appreciated.
    The old spools of pink cotton and sweet pink hand towel are lovely.
    Shane ♥

  23. Lovely & feminine~ perfect inspiration as you sit at your desk :)

  24. I can see why they follow you home. They are so pretty and definitely fun to look at.


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