Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Pretty in a Powder Room

I love to think of a powder room as a little jewel box.  A place to 
let your guests feel a bit pampered.  A place where the 
decorating rules can go out the window.  A place of function
of course, but also a place for frivolity.

I love this little powder room.  It's tiny yes, but efficient and 
also has the cutest little window that makes me think of a fairy castle.

It's a place where you can use bold wallpaper that  you might never have the
nerve to use elsewhere.  And all types of vanities are perfectly acceptable.

You can let yourself go and be dramatic.

Or inventive.

Funky Junky

Or Uptown Girl ~
Where is my Cosmo???

Chi chi, or ....

for the bibliophile.  

Just have fun with it!

Bentley ~ have you ever noticed how many magazines
are in our bathroom???

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. The one with a library, when my kids were little and life was very busy it was the one place where you could go for a quick read.

  2. Love it! My favorite is the "Uptown Girl." Probably comes from having little kids around. I am ready for pretty and fancy!

  3. It's so true that the rules go out the window (hopefully as cute a one as that leaded glass darling) when doing up a powder room!

  4. love the Fairy Castle powder room..

  5. Give me the books, please ;)

  6. The second one would be my favorite..Lots of ideas..My bathroom is like a powder room with a shower..

  7. Thank you for this post! I am putting together ideas for my powder room which I am starting this weekend. I love the first one with the bold paper...perfect! Take care. Chel x

  8. Great powder rooms, I love the toile one the most. You are right they may be a room that you would wallpaper and do it nowhere else. Hope all is going well.


  9. Love these! The first one is my fave!


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