Monday, June 3, 2013

Real Estate Mogul Wannabe

This afternoon I played real estate mogul wannabe.
We are in the process of selling two houses (and a third one in the wings).
I showed one house this afternoon and then ...

Went to our lawyer's office to create a purchase agreement for my Mom's house.
No agent on this, sale by owner so I am getting well versed in legalese.  
(I always did flirt with the idea of going to law school)

While at the lawyers office we also discussed the sale of our business
which we are in the middle of as well.

After a couple of hours of this, I managed to hang on to most of 
my "stripes" and was actually starting to enjoy all of the wheeling
and dealing.  Well, sort of lol.

Although "The Donald" does not need to feel one bit nervous about my
sudden sense of real estate prowess ...

I must say, I always did enjoy playing Monopoly!
Regardless of my love for the board game, I think I will stick to 
decorating.  Less exhausting!

Hey Bentley ~ your mama is going to sleep early tonight.
She's pooped!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. we sold our second house ourselves it is way cheaper.
    good luck on your other sales

  2. I know it must be rather nerve wracking to be trying to sell three houses, a business and a partridge in a pear tree and moving on top of that. Stay calm. LOL

    When is your actual moving date?


  3. wow, you have your hands full....I'd be like the zebra and be coming unravelled about now.

  4. Rest up, you have a lot of work ahead I can tell, you real estate mogul you.

  5. Best of luck with it all. I can imagine that it is very stressful. Can't imagine all that you have on your plate at the moment, Susan.

  6. Good luck,I am saying prayer everything goes easy for you through all this!


  7. I have been praying for you every day, even though I have been distant lately. Love you ~ I know how you feel. This is what I do for a living ~

    exhausting sometimes. Have a great day. With the Lord behind you, you will be absolutely fine ;-) Get some rest

  8. Oh my.... That kind of thing gives me the hee-bee-jeebies.... Good for you for going for it. I lose sleep over much less than that!

    Hope it all goes well.

    Huggies to you and Bentley...

  9. Oh my, that's a lot of real estate to move! But take it one day at a time, plan and prepare, and all should go well.

  10. I always enjoyed this part of the process almost as much as building.

    stay calm, I 'm certain you are doing a wonderful job..


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