Monday, June 24, 2013

Old Door Becomes Quilt Display

I really want a quilt ladder, but until I find one, I am
using an old door that used to be the door to the coal
storage room at the back of our garage.  Our cottage was
built in 1913.  Way back then, the house was heated with
both wood and coal.  Before we moved in 20 years ago, 
a previous owner took off this door and just stored it in the 
coal room.

I instantly fell in love with this treasure.  It is not a standard 
size door, but is rather petite.  I decided to use it as a quilt
display.  Of course my hubby doesn't really "get" it, but I
think its fun, whimsical and adds a bit of history to the room.

Of course I plan to bring it with me to Texas to our much 
newer house.  Our Texas house was built in 1948 ~ 35
years newer.  It seems to be a pattern with us.  David and I
lived in a house in Middleburg, Virginia before we moved to
Idaho.  Our house there was built before the Civil War.
Our houses keep getting newer!

In front of my quilt display is a basket full of quilts guarded
by a ceramic cat that belonged to my grandma.  Bentley
is fine with this kitty because it is not real.   So here it is ~
my latest tweak.  I am going to have to stop playing with
decorating and start packing.  I am dragging my heels a bit
because although I am excited about the move to Texas 
and love our new house, I still love this cottage so much and
will be so very sad to say goodbye.

Happily Joining ~

Bentley ~ I hate to tell you this, but your daddy told
me that there are a couple of cats in the yard of your new
house in Texas.  You will have your work cut out for you!

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I love the petite door and the quilt looks awesome hanging on it. That door "belongs" to the house so I think it is cool you are using it!

  2. Susan - Love the quilt hanging over the old door. I love old doors. I have one out my back door that I use for displays. It has a Historical Neighborhood plaque on the door from a neighborhood here in Tulsa. It also has the most beautiful milkglass door handle. I don't blame you - I would take it with me too. Don't you know that those movers will think "what is she taking this old door with her for"? Men just don't get it.


  3. The door is awesome, I'd take it with me, too! Your quilt is so beautiful, Susan, I love it! Don't worry about Bentley, he'll straighten out the Texas cats as soon as he arrives!


  4. That is a GREAT looking old door. Just think by the time you are ready for an old age home you will be in a home built in the 70's!Q;>) xo Diana

  5. That's a pretty nifty use of the old door. And what fun to change out the old quilts to display. I just might have to go look for an old small door! Good luck on your move, I know it must be daunting. Hopefully your new house will feel like home in no time! I'm following now (actually thought I already was, but I guess not).

  6. I adore your quilt and the door is a fabulous way to display it. The cat is so precious too. So much character and realness in ceramic. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. I never met an old door I didn't like and this one is a sweetie! Of course you must take it with you when you go.

  8. The door looks great with the quilts Susan! Cute display idea:@)

  9. The door works...Good luck with your move..I moved in Oct..Everything worked out..Hope it does for you as well..

  10. The door is perfect for displaying your beautiful quilt!
    Mary Alice

  11. I love quilts I'm trying to make one at the moment it's not going to well.

  12. Brings to mind an old door I found in a house I once lived in. It too was petite and I decoupaged it. Why did I manage to leave it behind somewhere?

  13. oh, I love your quilts, that door is the perfect display!!


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