Sunday, June 30, 2013

Stop Being A Cry Baby!

I don't know about you, but I am getting so sick and tired of all the crying on television.
Every network has some form of competition show and it appears that the production
crew encourages tears.


I don't find it entertaining to watch a contestant cry like a baby and have a
tantrum every time they don't win.

The nastiness and back stabbing is alarming.  What kind of message is
this sending to the youth of our nation?

Competition can and should inspire us to give our all, to try our best.
But if we don't win ( and no one will win all of the time), we need to 
learn how to be gracious.  

In one of my very first horse shows when I was quite young, my
trainer caught me crying in the stable after I lost a competition.
She told me that if I was going to cry every time I lost to another
in a horse show I may as well give up showing altogether because
it would happen again and I better get used to it.  She made me dry
my eyes and saddle up.  Her response did not scar me, but it did
make a lasting impression.  Whenever I lose, I just get back on the
horse and try again.  Just keep trying kid and remember ...

Have a little dignity.

I hope that someone from network television reads this post.  
Civility is sorely lacking today and it's time to bring back some
dignity.   And remember ...

Happy, smiling babies are much cuter than cry babies.

That's my opinion on the media.  If we want this world to be a better
and happier place, then it is up to each of us to set a good example.

Happily Joining ~

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Well done! I actually turn over as soon as the tears start, the soft melancholy music plays and the hard luck story is told. I am a very empathetic person but this is repeated again and again and it doesn't teach our children anything about competition apart from those who come second are usually the winners away from the programme. (sorry I'm on my soap box again!). Have a very HAPPY week. Chel x

  2. Good lesson learned! I tried to never baby my kids and give in to the crying (Like at another child's birthday party when they were sad or jealous) I always acknowledged how they were feeling, but also tried to encourage them to move on. Great post :)

  3. I haven't watched television most of my life, and certainly not in my adult years. I can't stand it, and I can see I am really not missing too much.

    Actually not just in competition but EVERYWHERE there are too many whining cry babies - esp politics and races. Time to grow up, get over it and move ON. Crying stifles growth and quality. Just dry up.

    I agree with you. Interesting post.

    Glad Bentley doesn't cry. Pets/ rubs/ throws treat

  4. I don't watch tv at all - but I do see the meanness and constant competition to be first all around me. The school that our oldest grandson attends really strives to teach creative ways to help others - they have fifth graders sponsoring kindergarteners - they encourage everyone to speak kindly and often to each other - they allow NO bullying, but also teach the children to resolve their differences patiently (a good lesson for all of us, and they give them social tools to work with to advance this)) and instead of calling them students, the teachers called them "friends" - as in "time to line up friends", etc. That fosters the feeling that we are all friends in some way - and is going to help these kids in many areas of their lives. I just wish more schools were involved in this sort of program.

    When they try out for musicals in the choir - everyone tries out - no specific roles are listed -you just go for a singing audition. Then the teachers pick the friends who will play each part and for those who don't get the specific part they wanted, they are encouraged by being told, maybe next time - maybe next time. Giving them something to hope for and something positive.

  5. Great post..I couldn't agree more..

  6. We have a lot of shows about doing up houses and the people picked have no skills in that area so they are all very different types so you go on a rollacoaster of emotions with theses people it is now getting boring and you do not learn anything on how to do things as they use tradesmen, they do a lot of painting and crying.

  7. Love it!!! Oh, and I'm sure they all get a trophy for loosing too! LOL!!!

  8. Although I heartily agree with what you wrote, even if a network exec read it, nothing would change. Bad behavior, like bad news, sells. It seems that the contestant with the worst behavior is the last to go because everyone wants to see what they'll do next. The only thing that would enact real change is if people stopped watching, or perhaps wrote to sponsors. Money speaks the loudest these days.

  9. Susan Once again you are a breath of fresh air. I totally agree ;-)

  10. So true. Which is precisely why I absolutely refuse to watch it.

  11. Another one of several reasons I watch very little TV. It is on much of the time just for noise. I am not into reality shows and it seems they dominate prime time.
    Hope you have enjoyed the weekend.

  12. Susan, we don't even watch TV anymore. I agree with you. Well said!

  13. I spent some time at the university recently and was around many young women, and it made me sad. They are so entitled. It was sickening, really.

  14. I totally agree and it drives me and my husband crazy!! Very well said!


  15. One of the many reasons I don't watch reality shows. They not only play to the worst of human nature, but they take jobs away from hard working actors. Xo Laura


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