Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Texas Christmas Tablescape

The weather here in Victoria has been in the low 80's.  Although it does not feel like
a December day back in Idaho, we are really enjoying the change.  We spent a good
bit of the day outside.  You can see Bentley over on the right in this pic.  He is keeping
a watchful eye over his yard while I set up a Christmas theme tablescape on the patio.
Do you see my Azaleas that are still blooming in the background?  Amazing!

I pulled out the denim placemats with the jeans pockets.  So appropriate for this
part of the country.  We are surrounded by ranch land here.  It absolutely tickles
my inner cowgirl.

David really loves his new smoker.  He smoked a whole chicken last week
and it was delicious.  I used the leftovers to make chicken tortilla soup.  It
was really easy and tasty.  I will have to share the recipe with you.  Our
local HEB makes tortillas in house and I can never pass up their fresh
corn tortillas.  Yummy!  

I took some burlap ribbon and gathered it up to make a ruffle for under my
centerpiece.  I love this vintage red and white enamel coffee pot.  I have a
small collection of vintage pots.  The old ones have such charm.  I wonder
if one day years in the future antique shops will feature our current coffee
pots?  My Cuisinart makes great coffee but I would not call it charming.

These little santa votive holders belong to my Mom.  I have always loved them.
Well that's it for today.  Still busy decorating the house for Christmas.  Don't have a
tree yet.  Hopefully will get one this weekend.  It's going to be very busy around
here for the next few days.  I am attending a brunch on Friday and will have to rush
back to accept delivery on some vintage dining furniture we purchased from an 
antique shop in North Carolina.  Then later that evening David and I are going to
a black tie holiday ball.  I can't wait to see David in his tux!

More later ...

Let's spend a bit more time outside today Bentley.  I read that a cold 
snap is headed our way.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Howdy, Susan and Bentley! Yes, Texas weather can be a roller coaster of temps in the winter. It was in the 80s here today, but they are predicting a hard freeze with ice by Friday. Enjoy that alfresco dining while you can. '-)
    Your Christmas table is charming. Love the little napkins in the denim placemats.

  2. The denim placemats are so right for a cool Texas table, and by Friday it sounds like it's going to literally be cool in our part of Texas. I just bought corn tortillas from HEB for turkey tortilla soup I'm making tomorrow. When they are warm I can't resist eating one on the way home.

  3. Your Christmas table looks really good. Bentley looks like he is enjoying being outside. We had over 80 degrees the other day and now we have that cold snap from the Antarctic and it's really cold.
    Have fun at the black/white ball and take picutres.

  4. Susan, your table looks so festive and bright. Love the denim and the pops of red. Bentley looks like he's enjoying the warm weather. We are warm at 55 degrees today, but tonight it's dipping down to 24 degrees. You are going to be quite busy this weekend. Have fun at the Black Tie Holiday Ball! Take pictures, I can hardly wait to see them ~ Have fun!

  5. Now I feel like an idiot. I have some of those little Santa mugs and it didn't occur to me that they're votive holders! I'm going to go stick candles in them right now. I love your tablescape. Enjoy the pretty weather while it lasts!

  6. Love your tablescape with the denim placemats and the red and white details. So interesting to see your bright and festive alfresco dining table and imagine those amazing temperatures! Happy December, Susan.
    Helen x

  7. Looks very enjoyable to me to sit in the sunshine and share Christmas thoughts! love those vintage looking napkins!

  8. You have a very enjoyable table there! We have a nasty ice storm outside so this is looking very nice!

  9. Enjoy enough of the nice,warm weather for me It is too cold here.

  10. I love your tablescape! We are in the 20s-30s here with snow flurries. I love your dishes! Happy VTT!

  11. Love your rustic tablescape, Susan. The little Santa mugs brought a big smile to my face...remembering when my kids were little. You are so lucky to be having warm is down in the teens here!

  12. Your table is so pretty, Susan, and your yard looks so pretty. Wow! An outdoor table for Christmas! Are those napkins vintage? I love those. You are so right about the coffee pot. Yours is charming, but I can't imagine that what we're using now would ever be considered charming. The little Christmas trees, surrounding the coffee pot, turns it into a great Christmas decoration, and I really like the way you used the burlap ribbon under your centerpiece. I wish we could have an outdoor meal. It is sleeting here now. Yikes! laurie

  13. Hi Susan, found your blog through 'Show & Tell Friday' LOVE your table setting. Your enamel pot is lovely and the candy canes are my favorite! I have 2 sets of napkins like yours, one w. Roosters and one w. Cherries. Perfect table!! Bentley is absolutely adorable!!
    Have a fun weekend XX

  14. What an adorable table...everything looks fantastic....and the cutest of all..??....Bentley. I am in LOVE !!

  15. Beautiful table, Susan! Everything is so Christmassy :)
    Hugs and Summer greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

  16. Amei sua mesa de natal! Muito criativa e linda!

  17. Susan and Bentley, I love your Texas style tablescape so much. Would you believe I also have these Christmas tree dishes.? The table is charming with the burlap, ribbon, and the enamel coffee pot centerpiece with 'Christmas trees.' A great look.

    It is hard to think of the warm temps when we live in the NC mountains where is is pretty cold. However, we did have 3 days of 60's this past week. Not now though.

    You need to share your NC table and chairs soon. How exciting to find them. Bentley makes an adorable watch dog

    Wishing you a great Christmas season and a wonderful time at the "Ball."
    xo, Jeanne

  18. I love your patio Christmas tablescape. The plates are lovely (I really like the Christmas tree deign). I hope it does not get to cold down there in Texas, We are going to have Highs in the twenties this week coming up. Stay warm..... Candy

  19. I love your patio table, so lucky you can still be outside. Your dishes are so pretty and so is the centerpiece. Everything is so festive and happy! Enjoy a lovely C'mas season.

  20. Even though it's a little dreary and chilly, I bet you're glad not to be back up north here this week. It's been -5 at night, and just bone chilling damp and snowy. Low 80's sounds pretty good right now. I love your outdoor Christmas tablescape, those denim placemats are adorable!!

  21. Azaleas in December, what a wonderful surprise! Your table is darling! I love the levi pocket place settings. and the enamel ware coffee pot! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  22. So pretty and fabulous. Heavenly atmosphere. Love to share this in my christmas table decorations Pinterest board, if I may. May you and your family have a happy holiday!


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