Sunday, December 29, 2013

Feeling Fearful After a Burglary

Last night we took my Mom out to dinner to celebrate her birthday.  We 
arrived back home at about 9:30 pm.  Mom went to bed shortly thereafter
but both David and I were still awake for a couple more hours.  David 
was watching television in our family room and I went to bed and turned on
an old movie.  Neither of us sleep very well at night and often get up to
get a glass of water or to let Bentley out if he wants.  It all seemed like
a normal night.

This morning I was starting to cook breakfast and noticed that I did not 
have enough eggs, so I went out to the garage where we keep a second
refrigerator knowing that I had another dozen eggs out there.  Let
me describe our set up.  Our house is attached to the garage by a 
covered breezeway.  There is a side door into the garage that is
accessed by this breezeway.  As I walked out to the breezeway to
enter the garage I noticed that the door to the furnace room was open
(this is also accessed through the breezeway).  I knew it was not left
open when we came home in the evening.  I also know that all of us are
very careful not to keep any of these doors open because the stray cats
in our neighborhood will go inside.  I checked to see that there was not
a cat inside, then closed the door.

Then I went into the garage and noticed that things were scattered 
about and that boxes were opened on top of the freezer.  I went back
inside the house to ask David about this.  He had not been in the garage
and came out to see what was going on.  When we looked around we
noticed things missing.  Then we noticed that all four tires on my jeep
had been slashed.  The glove box was open and all the papers were
pulled out and that someone had slashed all the way through the 
driver's seat.  I went inside and called the police.

When the police arrived, photos were taken and an inventory of 
stolen items were listed.  But here is what scares me.  We noticed a 
plastic case with waffled foam inside open on the garage floor.
The policeman asked if it was ours.  It was not, but then he noticed
that there were pellets inside the case.  Pellets that would be used
in a pellet gun.  We are assuming that the thief left the case since
his arms were full of things he was taking from us.  What would 
have happened if one of us heard the noise outside and checked to
see what it was?  Would the thief have used a pellet gun on us?  

I am very nervous now.  I know that it is over and we are all
safe, but I feel so violated and frightened.  I can't bring myself
to look at my Jeep.  I have always taken such good care of it.
I know it can be fixed but it still hurts.  I doubt very much if I
will get any sleep tonight.

Susan and Bentley


  1. Susan ~ my Gosh. I am praying for you now, for your safety and for your healing. There is NOTHING more awful than a home invasion. It violates you to your very soul. I just am so thankful that everyone is safe and sound, that nothing tragic happened. I know how you feel about your jeep. That's what I drive. I love my jeep too, but it would feel terrible is someone was in it. Please pray that the Lord heal your wounds.
    ((Hugs)) to you all.

  2. So sorry that happened to you! I would be scared and apprehensive, too. Hoping everything gets better, soon. Lynda

  3. Oh Susan, I am so very sorry about the break-in. I am so thankful that all of you are safe. I was broken into and the man tried to rape and kill me. I had enough sense to scream for my son, the man bolted back out the window and my son chased him. They caught the man as Shaun got his license number. I was terrified and had to be medicated. We were living in an apartment and I had to move into a house. Come to find out the intruder had raped 16 women - he is now in Mule Creek "Prison for the rest of his life. It took a long time to get over it - get some help. I still get nervous sometimes, but I have two big dogs and I am not afraid. If I didn't have the dogs I would have a security system.
    Please be careful - and take of yourselves. I bet it was some kid looking for things to sell for drugs.
    Have a Happy New Year.

  4. My heart started pounding as soon as I saw the topic. I am so sorry this happened.

    Big hugs

  5. So glad you are all ok and they were not in your house..I would be reluctant to go anywhere...we don't have a security system in our house, but I would love to have it.

  6. Big dogs and a security system may be in your future. So sorry this happened to you. Give yourself a big hug.

  7. Oh Susan,
    I am so sorry for you. That is so scary. I hope that nothing else was taken. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. Susan, I am so sorry this happened to you. It is so frightening and nothing much you can do but be vigilant and increase your security. Praying for your safety!

  9. Susan,
    So scary! I can't imagine something like this happening. We've never been broken into or had anything stolen from our property. I know you must be terrified to go to sleep now.
    We recently found out that our youngest son was robbed at gun point while on the job. It is so unnerving.
    I am praying for your safety and for your peace of mind.

  10. It's a horrible feeling and it takes a while before you feel safe again, it happened to a friend of ours and the police warned them that often the thief will come back after the stolen goods have been replaced by insurance so stay aware.

  11. Tis is terrible! I am scared and hurting for you. I think you should have ADT installed immediately. I had it put in the town home. If some one even taps on the window, opens anything, the alarm sounds I also have a remote by the bed that calls the police there immediately to come to our address. Praying for you, my sweet sister.

  12. that is so horrible I can understand you feeling that way. for someone to invade your space and privacy
    stay safe

  13. Oh, Susan, how terrible! It's a horrible thing to know someone has been on your property and has damaged or stolen your belongings. I have been a victim of theft one time before and it was very, very unnerving. I hope you're finding some comfort today. Do you have an alarm system? If not, it may be time to get one

    Sending you hugs.

  14. I am terrified for you, sweet Susan, this is horrible. Do you have an alarm system? If not please get one as soon as you can. Meanwhile I am going to be wrapping you in prayer, and David and your Mom, and trusting the Lord to keep you safe. I'm so so sorry this happened, sweetie.
    Love, Mary

  15. I too am so sorry this happened and thankful that they did not try and invade where you were. We were just talking yesterday about having an alarm system put in and now it's a certainty we will. Take care.

  16. Thank goodness that you didn't disturb this low life and I hope they are caught quickly before something more serious happens elsewhere. My thoughts and prayers are with you all x

  17. I also am horrified by what has happened and thank God that none of you were hurt. I join with those who pray for your continued safety. If finances allow it, put a security system in. You need to do whatever it is that will make you feel safe.

  18. Oh, Susan! I've just read your post on FB and came right over to see what had happened! I'm so sorry and I know this had to be very scary too. I'm so glad you didn't hear anything through the night and go out there! I'm praying for your safety. Do you have an alarm system on your house? We do, but we don't have anything on the garage door - our set up is like yours - a detached garage. We even have cameras and look at our house on the Ipad when we're away.
    Take care sweet friend,
    Shelia ;)

  19. What a horrible thing to have happen. I would be so scared too! Please be careful!! People are so evil these days!! Praying for your safety.

  20. How awful Susan...I remember in my old neighborhood that the kids would break in to garages with refrigerators looking for beer..Time for a security sign even if you don't have it..:) Good that no one was harmed..Sorry about your jeep..I feel the same way about my car..Kinda silly when you think about it..I guess...Stay safe

  21. Crap... I ran from my house out the front door when I was 8 months pregnant when someone was trying to get in the back door. That was YEARS ago, but we immediately got an alarm system with a panic button. Took a long time, but I finally did get through the fears - prayers for your peace of mind.

  22. Susan, I’m so happy all of you are safe! This is something we really never expect and it’s so shocking when it does. Just remember, everything can be replaced. Take extra care, I sure hope the guilty party or parties will be captured.
    Wishing you an uneventful New Year!

    The French Hutch

  23. So very sorry that you experienced this, but especially as you have recently moved. It probably doesn't matter a bit, but when this type of horrible thing happens in a home you have resided in for a number of years, it's a bit easier to see it as a "once in a lifetime" upset. I remember having a BULLET come through the front window of a home we had only been in for a year and, needless to say, it upset me terribly!!!! We called the police . . . apparently a "random shot" from a passing car. Sigh. Well, we lived safety there for 40+ years after that, but it certainly took time to "put it in perspective" of a very, very rare event. Prayers and time, Susan. Bentley will probably sleep much better if you stay awake all night . . . Ha! Your friend, Marcia

  24. I'm so sorry to hear this. You and Bentley and your family stay safe! It would be nice for Bentley to have a playmate anyways.

  25. Oh, wow, thank goodness you didn't hear him or them, it could have been a lot worse. We had neighbors shoot thur our house not to long ago and it was very upsetting.
    Hug Bentley for me.

  26. Oh no, how awful. If I understand right that they were not in the house but on the breezeway and garage. I would get a security system as soon as you can. It will give you a feeling of security that you need right now. It can happen anywhere but when it happens to you personally it is so hard. Bad enough to steal from you but to slash your tires and seat. Now that is just mean. So glad that you are all okay. Prayers and (((((HUGS))))

  27. Oh Susan, That's just awful. I know how horrible that feeling is as our house was broken into shortly after we moved in too. For many months I didn't feel safe or secure in my own home. At least you have Bentley who might not be ferocious, but I'll bet his bark would scare a would be intruder away. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Dianne

  28. This is just awful. I can't imagine how scared you must feel. I think crimes like this are on the rise. We have some friends near us who were just recently robbed as well.

  29. Susan this is very upsetting for you; and slashing the jeep's tires is such senseless vandalism. I am glad you did not interrupt the thief since he/she had the pellet gun. Stay safe and feel comfort from Jesus' loving arms, as He kept you safe in your home while that awful person roamed around.

  30. I am so sorry to hear this, My first call would be to an alarm company, no matter the cost. I would not be able to sleep without one, that being said you will all recover and feel safe soon.

  31. They must have been so quiet for Bently not to hear them, but I'm thankful he didn't or it could be another story. I agree w/the alarm system. I was burglarized once, and it's an awful feeling, having them go through your personal things and knowing they've been in your house. I even had a huge dog then and they broke in. I hope they can find these people soon before someone else gets hurt.

  32. So very sorry to read this Susan.
    We had thieves breaking into our cars last year, they were finally caught, but it always un-nerved me, it's so unsettling.
    We now have motion-sensor lights and alarms on the outside, you can buy them fairly cheap, it's worth the investment.

  33. Oh Susan, thankfully you didn't confront your burglar, (we did). It was in 1995, two yrs. after we were married, and the memory is still fresh.

    I'm sorry for all the damage to your vehicle and the loss of your property. We looked into an alarm but decided to go with locksmith deadbolts. We put a deadbolt between the garage under & basement, the basement & kitchen, and the doors.

    Our break-in was on Thanksgiving night, we had left our home at noon and then took a turkey dinner to my husbands aunt in the nursing home. After spending a few hrs with her we returned home around 8:00 pm to find the lights on. We thought maybe one of us hit the switch accidentally, then we noticed a screen up on a window . . . Hmm - it still didn't click, that is until my husband went to put the key in the door & it was ripped away from the jam.

    We did not enter, but phoned the police. While we were waiting a car kept driving by, very slowly, a man got out, walked up our embankment & that's when I said "the police have been called, they are on their way." He swore, ran off, the sgt on duty arrived, we told him about the car, then I said "there it is" the cop took off with his gun drawn & jumped on the hood of the car! It was like a movie!

    The crazy thing is all our neighbors were entertaining & there had to be 100 people between the 5 homes and no one saw anything! Then the police & state police arrived en mass! Then everyone was outside!

    It's something I never want to experience again! Get the alarm!

  34. Oh dear. Good thing no one was hurt. Burglars tend to be very violent once caught in the act. Don’t worry. I’m sure the police will be able to track down the burglar. There are usually CCTV cameras installed along streetlights so maybe you can check if there’s a footage of the burglar getting away or something.
    Anthony Nguyen


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