Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Chairs

I found two Chippendale Library chairs on ebay recently.  They were at an
antique shop in North Carolina where we purchased some other chairs and a
sofa last month.   The chair above is fully upholstered and ...

this one has open arms.  I really fell in love with the fabric on the chairs.
It is a polished cotton with the most charming garden scenes.

I love the gazebo and the topiaries.  It is as though one was looking through
a charming decorative garden theme frame into a magical secret garden.

The frames and gazebos differ slightly.  I instantly fell in love with the 
fabric and looked at the chairs many times before I decided that I could not
pass them up.

They arrived yesterday along with this pie crust tilt top tea table.  
I must tell you that I have a bit of an obsession for interesting chairs.
I will be writing another post later this coming week about my love
of unusual chairs.

Until then, enjoy what is left of this weekend.  I plan to stay in as much
as possible.  The weather is dark, gray and very chilly.  The penetrating
damp cold that reminds me of the winter in London.  So I will be drinking
lots of hot tea and hot chocolate.  Even Bentley would rather stay inside!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Beautiful chairs, Susan. Love the fabric! Stay warm……..Sarah

  2. Those are beautiful chairs, love them and the the table too, you lucky gal!!!

  3. Oh, the fabric is dreamy... love the chairs and the tea table.

    PS. I'm looking into getting a Yorkie this spring.

  4. Gorgeous chairs! Good find! Love the print on them.


  5. I adore your lovely new chairs and tea table - just gorgeous, well done.

  6. I love your new chairs.

  7. Those are just beautiful. Love anything red and white. Be safe. I have heard you have had some rough weather. Merry Christmas.

  8. Gorgeous chairs! I really love them. xo Diana

  9. Wow...they are beautiful. Yes, do stay in, drink lots of tea and enjoy those chairs. Deb

  10. Oh my, your chairs are gorgeous. Stay in, snuggle up with Bentley and drink lots of hot tea in your lovely chairs ~


  11. The chairs are YOU! Wonderful. Stay warm!


  12. The fabric is gorgeous!!! The chairs are lovely!!! And the tilt-top table is perfect with them. You'll enjoy them for many years. We have ice covering everything here, boo!

    Hugs ~ Mary

  13. Oh my I need to stop drooling! Gorgeous! They go so well with the table which is wonderful.

  14. Oh my word...... what wonderful chairs! If I had seen them first, you wouldn't have had a chance. How lovely they are in that toile fabric, in MY colors! LOL. And the tilt top pie crust table is to-die-for also. They make my heart happy and obviously yours too. Let's see...which chairs do I have that could be upholstered in similar fabric? Thanks for sharing, Vicki in icey Louisville KY

  15. HI Susan! Oh, your chairs are so pretty and that fabric is gorgeous And look at the darling table too! You're on a roll!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Ooohhh!! I LOVE that print! I wish I had room for more chairs, but our recent downsize isn't making me too happy!!

  17. Those are gorgeous and you found them online? Lucky girl!!


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