Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How To Lose A Blog In Ten Days

Have you ever seen the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?
It's a cute chick flick that has been on television many times
about a journalist (Kate Hudson) who works for a woman's
magazine called Composure.  Andie Anderson (Kate) longs to
write serious pieces on topics that interest her like politics and
religion.  Her editor reminds her that Composure is geared to
fluffy topics, salacious gossip and How To's.  She also tells
Andie that until she develops a following she will have to 
write what she is told to write.  Andie reluctantly concedes and
agrees to write a fluffy little piece on what not to do to keep 
a guy, hoping that after this piece she will be able to write
about the things that really interest her.

I have been writing posts on Ash Tree Cottage for a little over
four years now.  I have posted about decorating, tablescapes, 
repurposing and repainting furniture.  While I enjoy posting 
about all of the above, it's not the only side of me.  I have 
great concerns about our nation's future.  I am disturbed by
a new and steadily growing wave of terrorism.  I worry 
about the potential spread of Ebola.  While our border is
unsecured I am concerned that not everyone who crosses it
is just looking for a better place to live, but could be 
planning another terror attack like 9/11.  I just can't sit back
and not talk about the problems that concern me.
However ...

I will still have posts about collecting.

And repainting and repurposing.

And tablescapes.   

But on some days I will want to inject some grit into 
this blog.  Unlike Andie, I don't have a boss to satisfy.  I am
the writer, editor, photographer of Ash Tree Cottage.  

As ISIS beheads foreign journalists.  While Ebola threatens the
lives of thousands in west African nations and has the 
potential to become a pandemic.  While our border remains
unsecured.  While innocent children are losing their lives 
every day on the streets of Chicago.  While Putin continues
to flex his muscle in the Ukraine ...  I can no longer sit by and
only write about fluffy stuff.  

I don't want to learn how to lose a blog in 10 days
so I hope you will stick around while I write about 
some of the gritty issues of life from time to time.
It won't happen every time I write a post, just when 
the spirit or the news compels me.  As much as I 
would like to live in a peaceful world I do not, 
so I can't just pretend these problems do not exist.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. BRAVA Susan! I am so very happy that you are being true to yourself! I look forward to your posts almost as much as I used to love visiting with you at Blue Moon! I can't wait to see just what topics you are going to write about. Good for you and much love!

  2. You need to write about what you are thinking and feeling and this is your space to do just that! I hope that it can help you work through some of your thoughts and fears. xx

  3. I'm staying with ya, Susan. It's not all candy and roses, no way. ♥

    1. I wish it was all candy and roses but it certainly is not these days.

  4. I'll be sticking around, Susan. I'm so glad to see some of us have the courage to write about what's going on out there in the real world today -- right now. It's scary, and it worries me a lot. Look forward to seeing your timely posts.

    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. It worries me too. I think we all need to be aware of what we are up against.

  5. Good for you Susan! I think we need lots of voices, whether we agree or not.
    I for one wish our politicians could actually get down and get together and work for the good of our country.
    Not just the power side.

    1. Well said Cindy! We need to put our political differences aside and do what is best for our nation.

  6. Susan, you don't know how many blogs I skip just because it is fluff and pretty pictures! Looking forward to your posts with grit!

  7. Yay! Count another blogger edging into real life! Yay!

  8. I am thrilled....I have no doubt you will do a great job with this and will make your blog much more diverse and interesting...although, I love it anyway.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks Terri! I hope to get readers thinking and discussing important issues.

  9. I think America is in store for worse things than most citizens have ever considered could happen here. Things have been going in a bad direction and it shouldn't be ignored and people need to wake up!

  10. Always look forward to what ever you post , it is however your blog and yours to say what ever the heck ya want to right ? you go girl ! Lovely photos by the way . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  11. Replies
    1. I'll try to keep it real and keep it interesting Bev. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. I find it a a very sad state of affairs that these topics exist to discuss. As much as I'd love to stick my head in the sand I know that doing that will not make these problems go away. I truly enjoy your delightful blog & will not quit visiting. I only hope the heavy stuff comes in small doses. Your lighthearted topics often lift my spirits, inspire me & make me smile. Hugs Susan.

    1. Oh don't worry Deb. I am a very positive person and want everyone to be happy and carefree. I just want to bring some depth to this blog. I will still have lighthearted topics. It won't always be so serious.

  13. Glad you're willing to share your views on what's happening in the world around us.

  14. Post away!! I'm listening!! This world is a mess.......but we can be a light in this dark world. thanks for your sincerity~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  15. Looking forward to all your gritty-ness!! I'm here and ready to join in............xoxoxo

    1. When I was a young girl my Daddy and I had discussions about world affairs quite often. It's in my blood :-)

  16. I applaud you, Susan. You are helping to make it known that we women have more on our minds than just how to make a pretty guest room.

    Jane xx

  17. Bravo! We all should be taking a look at our blogs through the lens that you've applied to yours. It is time to speak up - to voice concerns and opinions as it seems we've lost that ability in this country (as you illustrated in your 'hope not to lose readers') I find it refreshing that a blogger is not one dimensional with a sole focus. Bring it on! Look forward to reading more!

  18. While young children are denied refuge in our country when they flee a situation in their country that promises only torture, death and slavery to gangs, while veterans die of curable conditions because corporations receive billions in corporate welfare and nothing goes to build a few more hospitals for veterans, while young children go hungry in our country, again because of corporate welfare, while politicians stand up and actually say that "the poor are like stray cats, if you feed them they will never go away", while schools suffer for lack of funds and billions are spent on war which only profits, once again, corporations and friends of corrupt politicians who start wars with lies and deceit and then give all the contracts (without bids) to their friends, who make millions of dollars in profits solely from the war, which was started in the first place because the ex-president told his cabinet to make sure they found a way to blame things on foreigners that he hated so he could fund his friends with a fake war. It is a sad, sad world when corporations are lording it over citizens - grabbing money for free (many have farms that they never set foot on, just so they can receive government welfare (subsidies) for "being a farmer", as they run small farmers out of business for the sole reason of getting millions more in corporate welfare - while denying children food (and the children are not to blame for their situation). It pains my heart and soul to see the unkindness perpetuated on children and their families because someone has the good fortune to have enough money to survive, while declaring that if you don't make enough money then you are a morally bad person and we should starve you to death - but wait - we must first make sure that you are born into a family that can't afford you - but then when you are born, turn our backs on you. Shame on us - for allowing this all (all above things) to happen and then for many to rejoice when there is suffering in families that are not exactly like ours - because God knows - those that are not like us are useless and of no value (well, we can keep them uneducated and then send them off to die in fake wars - so corporations and friends of ex-presidents can make millions - is that what we now call moral? Shame on us.

  19. Susan, This is your blog...write what you feel you want to. I will say this ...I come to blogs like yours for a hug, a place of refuse from all the horrible things I hear and read about. A wonderful place of how I would hope the world would be. Well aware that this will never happen. Susan please keep the brutality of the world away even if just for a few minutes.

  20. Love your blog Susan and I am ready to hear what ever you have to say. Just be ready for all the conflict you are going to have to deal with when you post about world views, politics etc...

  21. I'm here, and here I shall stay!!
    God bless you,

  22. Thank you Susan. I have been going through the blogs that I follow recently and have begun cutting back. I just don't have the time to read them all. I commend those of you who take the time to take pictures and post. Having said that I am not a all about fluff kind of person. I like a good debate from time to time as well as gardening, cooking and decorating my home. I appreciate that you have the courage to speak your mind and agree with many of your concerns. This world is not all about how someone decorates their home and how many sets of dishes you own. These are turbulent times we are living in. I pray my children and grand children live to see a more peaceful world with cures for the horrific diseases we are seeing pop up and spread without an end to it in sight. But I will also continue to follow your blog as long as you continue to post. Jill


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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