Saturday, August 9, 2014

Checks Please

I added some red and white check curtain panels to either end of the 
family room window.  I didn't want to do more than just add a touch of
color to each end because the view to the back yard is pretty and the
room is already dark.  

Here is the other end of the window.  Did I ever show you this 
beautiful quilt?  It was all hand stitched by David's mother.  She loved
to quilt and she lovingly made many beautiful ones for the family.
She is the one who inspired me to start quilting.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Your curtains and quilt are lovely. Love this room, so warm and cozy...

  2. Susan, it adds a cheerful touch. Love buffalo checks and pretty quilts. '-)

  3. gosh, your room looks so cozy. I can see a Christmas tree in there to make it perfect. Rethinking red now for my rooms.

  4. Your room looks so lovely and relaxing. I did noticed the beautiul quilt, so nice to know it was handmade by a family memember to be passed on.

  5. These add such a nice accent to the room, it looks super! And, what a beautiful quilt.

  6. The beams, the checks, the quilt, the RED..all of it. Gorgeous!! What a beautiful home! What I've always dreamed of. :)

  7. Love your curtains, Susan, so cheerful and perfect for your room. I've always loved buffalo checks. The quilt is totally gorgeous too!

  8. Just lovely Susan, your touches add just the right amount of color. I'm a hand quilter, so the quilt drew me in right away-so beautiful!

  9. I love the check and the quilt. Your quilt is very similar to mine! I'll have to do a post on it! Your family room is just lovely!

  10. The red checked curtains are beautiful touch to your room. Your room is gorgeous anyway. That view out the window is so pretty, I would not want to block that either.

  11. LOVE your red checked curtains! What an heirloom in that beautiful red and white quilt. It looks like it was made to go there in that chair next to those curtains.!!



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