Saturday, August 2, 2014

Camp Bow Wow

Our next door neighbors went up to the Texas Hill Country for a family
reunion this weekend and we agreed to puppy sit for their adorable
Jack Russel mix Toby.  Bentley and Toby are friends and visit with each
other at the fence every day.  Camp Bow Wow is in it's first full day.
Bentley and Toby had fun playing together last night.  They ran around
the yard and explored each nook and cranny.  While Toby is still happy
today …

just look at Bentley.  Someone is a bit jealous I think.  He does not want to
share his momma.  

It's okay Bentley ~ momma still loves you best!
Someone is going to have to get a little extra attention and maybe 
a treat.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Our furry animals are so much little children...poor Bentley!

  2. I know Charlie doesn't like it when I give too much attention to other cats either! Cute doggies!

  3. Our pets are more like children than we admit. If someone comes to visit, canine or human, Sadie comes over and wants to be picked up. I bet Bentley adjusts quickly though. It's fun to have a friend over. ;-)

  4. Good morning Susan, Thank you for your visit on PS. I have been on a long break from blogging and it is good to be back.

    Toby is a real cutie but Bentley is adorable. Our pup Cheri' would have definitely been jealous of another pet in our home. They are our 'children' and we love our pets dearly. Cheri' is unaware that we will be babysitting my sisters little white ball of fur today for two days. It will be a bit of a shock to her system. Smile.

    I am not sure if the flowers I posted will sustain in the Texas heat. We live in the mountains of NC and the weather is not HOT like Texas. They do not need tons of water though.


  5. Good thing they get along so well. You will have to show Bentley after the other pup goes home. Spoiled little boy!

  6. Susan, my Blogland Tour post is up and live. Thanks again for inviting me to participate. It was fun!


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