Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Peacefulness of a Sunday Morning

It's early Sunday morning here.  The house is quiet.  David and Bentley 
are still asleep.  I can hear the horn of a nearby train in the background 
while in my office typing softly on my keyboard.  

I love this time of day.  The peacefulness of a Sunday morning before
I make the coffee and the hustle of getting ready for Church.
It's one of the things I treasure in life.  

Suddenly I hear the pitter patter of little paws on the hardwood floor
leading to my office.  Then those same little paws reaching up to touch
my knee and sweet little eyes appealing to me to acknowledge that it
is time to go outside and greet the day.  To let him go outside in his
beloved yard, his domain, to check every nook and cranny.  And so
I do.  

The sun is up now as I look out the window over the kitchen sink.
Those personal minutes of solitude after rising from a night of
dreams have now passed.  Precious moments that won't come
again in quite the same way for another week, have now passed.
It's time to greet the day.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley



  1. That was lovely, Susan. I hope the day unfolds as it opened.

  2. wishing you a peaceful day full of joy.

  3. This is so pretty and attractive , and lovely photos to show how it is made.Thanks for the inspiration.
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  4. Happy Sunday to you too! Enjoy your day!

  5. What a lovely post, Susan. Have a wonderful day. xo Laura

  6. Lovely post ! Every day is like this for Miggs and I , I do love the early mornings here as I sit on the patio watching my birdies hearing the rooters at the farm down the street . I do love the sound of a distant train horn haven't heard that around here for years train tracks are scares here now a days it is sad ! Thanks for sharing you lovely Sunday morning with us have a good rest of the day !

  7. Early morning and coffee time is a favorite for me too, but I have to hustle to get to church by 8:30.

  8. Mine are often crazy cause we are heading to church but Saturday morning, yes the best time to slowly enjoy my coffee.


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