Sunday, August 10, 2014

Church, Brunch and a Sunday Drive

Victoria, Texas is a church going town.  Every Sunday you will find the parking lots
around the local churches packed with cars.  Here is ours, Trinity
Episcopal Church.  It seems that half of our neighborhood here in College Park
attends this church.  Many of the kids in our neighborhood attend elementary
school here as well.  

Our church is a twentieth century one surrounded by many old homes
that predate it by many years.

Here is one of those lovely historic homes just around the corner.   There is a bit of
repair work going on here.  These old homes require a lot of maintenance, but it
is all worth it.  Just look at that thick wisteria over the arbor.

After the Sunday service we head over to the country club for brunch.  We are 
not prejudice when we say that our chef is the best in town.  Brunches here are
always yummy and every table is full.  Of course all the kids can think about
is changing out of church clothes and diving into that pool as soon as possible.

The restaurants in our city are packed every Sunday after church services
are over.  Many of them close by mid afternoon.  Our little city has 
such a small town feel.

It is so hot!  Not too many golfers out on the course today, only a few
brave souls.  Let me just say this, if my husband says it is too hot to hit a 
few then y'all know it's a scorcher!

We have clay courts of course and grass ones as well.  Robin ~ I took this pic
just for you!  When you come to visit us we will take you and Dan over here.

There are some very pretty homes that front the club.  The oaks are so
beautiful and the yards are very large.  Quite idyllic.

Another one.

You can't see them in this pic but there are four Adirondack chairs lined up
facing the course so they can watch the action.  

Yet another lovely home hidden among the oaks.

And finally this pretty southern colonial.

I would be happy with the garage ;-)

Thanks for coming along with us!  We are back home now.
David is taking a nap and I am enjoying the rain that is making
lovely music on our roof.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Your photos make me long for small-town Texas life again! I grew up in east Texas, so the description of your typical Sunday is very similar to mine growing up! Enjoy these memory-making moments! -Diane

  2. Pretty homes, but I'd sure hate to be responsible for mowing those big yards!

  3. Just love the setting the old oak trees make, beautiful.

  4. I would be happy with the garage, also! I haven't spent much time in Texas so this is an interesting post for me. The oaks are different then those here in Northern Illinois and the Texas ones are just as magnificent. Yours have very long and graceful arms. Lovely.

  5. Beautiful pictures!! We are in the heart of Texas as well....on the banks of the beautiful Brazos River......... When we leave church on Sunday, we eat lunch somewhere and then ride through our lovely river park. There are beautiful homes and huge old trees..... I will think of you next Sunday as we ride along, and know that you are sharing "Beautiful, Beautiful" Texas with us!!


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