Monday, September 1, 2014

Bulldogs and Hunt Masters

Aside from the hutch y'all have seen in my kitchen, I have another one in the
family room.  While it is filled with lots of blue and white transfer ware too,
there are also ceramic dogs interspersed with all the plates, cups and tureens.

As you may (or may not know) from seeing other pics of my home, is that
I love horses, dogs and I have a decided English Country Home slant to
my decorating style.  My latest additions reflect this style.

I found two new ceramic dogs recently that I had to add to my collection.
This cigar smoking, Union Jack wearing Bulldog.  My husband David
loves bulldogs, and smokes the occasional cigar and is a full fledged
Anglophile.  He would like to take it to his office at work, but this
time I won't let him because I think this Bulldog is so cute and it just
belongs right where it is.

And the Hunt Master.   Of the two, this one is my favorite.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  It's still the holiday
so make the most of each minute!

Bentley has really been enjoying spending some extra
time with his daddy this weekend.  Bentley actually 
smiles when he sees David.  It's the cutest thing!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Hi Susan,

    I believe you when you say that Bentley smiles. I'm a dog lover too, and I've seen it for myself! I love these additions to your blue and white transferware. Thanks for your good wishes and for sharing your blues.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  2. That bulldog is too cute! Don't let the hubby run off with it!

  3. Cute bulldogs, they look nice with the blue and white china, my favorite.

  4. I love blue and white transfer ware! I am thinking I have that same little plate behind the tureen. I am going to go check now! I did all my fall decorating yesterday, as I leave for Jake's for a few day, on Wed eve. Going to try and get a post in, before I leave.

  5. I love your English decor. The dogs are very charming.

  6. I love seeing the dogs mixed with the blue and white transfer ware - the perfect touch of whimsy! So happy to find and follow your blog.

  7. I have always fancied those dogs. Just never bit the bullet and actually bought any! I love the hunt master, too. We have many hunts in the fall in my small village, and some of them go right by our house! Hello fall!
    xo Kathleen

  8. I love your English country slant on décor. Love those dogs - so cute. Does Bentley not mind having them in the house?


  9. Susan, I haven't intentionally added dog figures to our decor, but it has gradually happened. ;-)
    Glad you shared your new pieces.

  10. Hi Susan. Love your blue and white transferware and the new additions to your collection. So cute! -Kristi

  11. Are those Delft? That's what I grew up learning to call that sort of pattern, but I'm not sure it's correct.
    I want to invite you to the new home of Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) at each week at midnight Tuesday, EST. And you're welcome to share your blog button for your recurring link-up at the page devoted to Wordless linkups - just remember to use your main blog url rather than a link to an individual post.


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