Friday, September 12, 2014

Straightening Up My Studio

My studio is a mess!  I blog in this room and create in this room and 
I often just walk away from the mess and shut the door. 

Big Mistake!!!

Now I have to start putting things away and tidy up.  Fortunately
it's a good day to do this because it is cloudy and we have already
had one downpour and are expected (hopefully) to have more
rain later.  We really need the rain and it will be a blessing for us
all to receive some more.

So … I think I will make myself a cup of tea with a big slice of lemon, roll up
my sleeves, and get to work.   This is where you cheer me on :-)

I have a bookcase in one corner of the room that is a mish mash of fabric,
paints in a vintage tool box, dollhouse wallpaper, sewing notions.  Wow, 
this is going to take some grit to stick with the organization of this spot.
I really need my practical side to make this space more efficient.  I think I 
will set a timer and see how much I can finish in an hour.   Who am I 
kidding?  It's going to take more than an hour to whip this space into shape.
I need to use the left side of my brain, however the right side of my brain
is shouting ~ "make it pretty, forget about organization!"

The right side of my brain often wins out.  It's the side that is coddled and 
catered to.  The left side (the practical side) is always hoping that today
will be the day.  It's the side that shouts "You need coffee, not tea to get
this job done!"  

Maybe I should sit back and enjoy my tea and let the two sides of my brain
battle it out.  Just kidding.  I really do want to get this room organized so
that it is functional as well as pretty.  

But if I keep chatting with you ~ which I really love to do, I won't finish
anything.  So let me just wish y'all a great weekend!

Bentley is taking a nap in his favorite chair in the studio.
He does not feel the least bit guilty about it either ;-)

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I hear you! I have two rooms that get a bit messy and need to be straightened up too. One is the Library/cross stitch room. The other is the sewing room/printer/ironing room. It is amazing how "things" end up there and never put themselves away! I plan on doing this job in a few weeks here in RI still a bit warm, but it is on my list along with going through books and giving to library for their book sale ( which is where I got them in the first place ) hahaha. have a nice weekend.

  2. Go Susan Go!!! ( I am cheering you on - lol)


  3. Same happens with our two guests rooms! I send so many things to my single DD for her apartment that now her ex-room is such a mess and yes, I too just shot the door when I go inside it! Now I'm gonna visit my DD Alexandra at the capital for her birthday and when I come back I will definitely FIX IT!!! I love your room and you have inspired me BIG TIME!
    Hugs to Bentley and you,

  4. I will be retired on Thursday of next week. I intend to start cleaning and organizing my craft room, My Mr. N. is always on me to clean up after myself when I get done crafting. Sometimes I do , but mostly I do not. Its usually because I am on a time crunch. But hopefully I will do a better job once I am home for good.

  5. You can come and organize my horrible craft room when you're done there.....I'd really appreciate it!! Please bring Bently....I have a great spot for him to nap, too! :) HPS! Dana

  6. This is the daily battle that goes on in my head about almost EVERY room! From your pictures though, it looks like you won the battle. Pretty wins! Have a great weekend!

  7. Not that I've gotten much of anything done lately, but I have to have a clear desk to start. I cannot have anything on it. Just a weird thing I have. And at the end of the day, I have to clean it off again.

  8. I think your craft room looks very pretty! But I do know how disorganization can throw one off. I'm not a big crafter so I don't have my own room or studio...that would be utterly silly. I simply have my kitchen table which gets all messed up with this and that...half started ideas, you know the drill. But it's good to have it in my way...makes me think and get moving!

    Keep it'll get it organized one way or the other.

    Jane xx

  9. Oh I know just what you mean. I have waited a long time to have a craft space with a door! It's it a blessing not to have to allow clean up time, to be able to run in and work on something during those odd 10 minutes between being ready to leave the house and go time. The trouble is the part of me that likes things 'just so' and wants to treat supplies more as collecting and props in a staged room. Isn't it nice to have a spot where the mess is just our mess? Happy Pink Saturday!


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