Friday, September 26, 2014

Starting to Feel Like Fall Y'all!

Quick Bentley ~ we need to dig out the sweaters.  The temperature
has dipped to 81 degrees!!!

Suddenly we are in the mood for fall.  Last night when I took Bentley
for his nightly walk there was a slight breeze of cool air.  Wow ...
immediately our pace increased.  We hurried to each of his favorite
doggie marking spots.  We added an extra block to our walk.


I have been holding off from decorating for fall for two reasons.
Firstly, fall had yet to officially begin.  Secondly, it's hard to get
excited about autumn with 90 degree weather and t-shirt drenching
humidity.  But 80 degree weather is a joy!

Of course I am now such a naturalized Texan that if the
temps drop to 60 I will be wearing a parka ;-)

So to prep myself, I dug out some vintage Ash Tree Cottage
fall design pics.  Please join me while I get in the mood.
I have added some background music.  Grab a cup of tea or
coffee, or hot cider maybe and sit back and relax for a
few minutes while I put you in the mood for fall.
Don't forget to hit the play button so that Louis and Ella
can serenade you.

Dear Ella ~ what a voice!

Okay ~ all comfy now?  Let's go …

Hope y'all enjoyed a few fall moments.  Have a wonderful

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Everything is very Autumn looking at your home sweet friend! Every vignette is adorable, warm, cozy and inviting! Love the tool box.
    Hugs, to you and Bentley.


  2. Your making a beautiful fall home for yourself. Its not the temps that matter, its the spirit of the season along with the sights and smells.

  3. I love all your little autumny vignettes. AUTUMN!!!! My favorite time of year. Woof woof, Bentley.

  4. It's nice to take a little walk down memory lane with you, especially to the soulful, bluesy strains of Ella and Louis!!! I'm sure Bentley enjoyed it, too!

  5. We're like you - still in the summer mode! But the evenings are getting a little cooler. And there's lots of pumpkins and fall items out. My summer flowers are all still really pretty?

    Have a good day!


  6. That rendition of Autumn In New York is my absolute favourite, and I play it over and over again, to get me in the mood for fall, as it has been 90-ish around here, too, lately! Your vignettes are seasonally sweet and cozily charming!

    Have a wonderful week, Susan!


  7. I loved listening to Ella while looking at your fall inspiration pictures. The vignettes are lovely, there are a lot of ideas here and just as I am getting started on a little fall decorating of my own. Perfect timing!


Bentley and I LOVE and read every comment.


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