Sunday, January 25, 2015

I Love Sunday Houses

David and I have been working with a real estate agent up in 
Fredericksburg, Texas.  When we were last up there this past
November, we looked at a couple of properties but decided that
neither of them was just what we wanted.  So we are still 
looking.  We want something little and cute like this.

The style that you see here is what is known as a Sunday House.
These little cottages were originally designed for a family who
lived out on a ranch to use on the weekend so that they
could attend church in town on Sunday morning.  Of course 
now we all love them because they make the perfect little 
cottage get away or bed and breakfast.  This is a new one that
is patterned after one of the many original ones typically
constructed of local Austin limestone.  

This log style is wonderful and I love the country setting
Talk about peaceful pleasure.  And charm too!  You can just leave
all the city hustle and bustle behind and let all the waves of peace
just flow over your frazzled nerves in this sweet place.

Charm Quotient!

I'll stop talking and let you just take a Sunday "drive" through more

That was fun.  Let's all stop for virtual pie!  I can't believe that I have
been to Fredericksburg twice now and have not visited
Fredericksburg Pie.  What was I thinking???  Pie, quilts and
vintage treasures all under one roof.  My kind of place!
Hope you had fun!  

Stop back for a visit tomorrow.  I am working on several
metamorphosis and tweaking projects.  Not sure which one
to share with you yet, but Bentley and I will decided tomorrow.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I love these little houses, Susan. I am ready to move in. Have a wonderful Sunday. co Laura

    1. If I am lucky enough to ever have one you are invited!

  2. Those houses are super cute. I hope you find your perfect one soon.

  3. HI Susan! Oh, how I love Fredericksburg and these little houses are precious. I hope you find just the perfect one for you and we'll all come for a visit! Virtual of course like the pie! Shoot! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

    1. When I find one I will bake a pie and invite y'all over!

  4. I saw some little houses like your first photo when I lived in New Braunfels. They're really cute!

    1. They are perfect tiny houses and you and I just love them to pieces!

  5. Susan, these cottages are perfect! I can imagine their tiny kitchens! :-)

    1. Oh I know ~ I'll have to see if I can find some cute pics of really tiny kitchen to share with y'all!

  6. I have been to Fredericksburg and had a lovely time. Love the book store in town.

  7. Susan, that is so interesting! Loved seeing all the homes. I love Fredricksburg, my BIL lives in Boerne and when we come down we usually go there so my SIL and I can do some shopping.

  8. We love visiting Fredericksburg, although we stay in our RV. It's a beautiful little town and I love the houses shown here. Do you know if the first one is a rental or private residence? I'd love more info on that one if available to rent.

  9. I have never heard of a Sunday house! You learn something new everyday. I love little houses like this. I want one for myself--just a quiet place to run away too :)

  10. Those are the most adorable houses ever! Unbearably cute. :-)

    Nowadays are most of them used for vacation homes or for full-time living? I think I could happily live in one forever.

  11. Love them all! I want one in my backyard!!! xoxo

  12. Love the Sunday Houses.....
    The pie shop is GREAT!!!
    Don't forget to go to Smitten when you are there!
    We have been checking around Kerrville....someday we may actually find something there.


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