Sunday, January 11, 2015

My Love Affair With the Butler's ...

When I was growing up the house we lived in had a butler's pantry.  I
was always fascinated with it's glass cabinet doors filled with all of my
Mom's crystal.  Champagne glasses, old fashion glasses,  martini glasses,
water goblets, wines glasses and more.  On the counter was Daddy's
martini shaker and various decanters filled with scotch, or vodka or gin.
It was what I always thought of as the special events corner of the house.
A place where the preparations for big parties and family gatherings
were staged.


There was and is still, a butler's pantry in my Aunt Susan's apartment
too.  Hers is a bit bigger than ours was and is much like the one pictured
above.  Hers has a sink and old polished antique walnut countertops.
The layout is similar to this one from House Beautiful.

So that's how my love affair of butler's pantries began, long ago
in my childhood.

And you thought I was going to tell you about my love affair with
the butler ;-)  You can admit it, I led you on a bit with that blog post title
didn't I???


So now I collect pictures of these special places.  This one above is a gem.
It has everything going for it ~ beautiful cabinetry, deep moldings and
storage galore.


This is certainly good use of a narrow space.  While I tend to prefer white, these
black cabinets are stunning!


This one makes me so homesick.  It looks very much like the one in
the house where I lived as a kid.  I wish my parents had thought to
take pictures of our old pantry but they never did.


This one really makes me swoon!  It is elegant yet has a friendly and
approachable atmosphere.  If you want to see more of this exquisite home
in North Carolina visit Sagee Manor here.


Another elegant pantry.


But this one ~ this is the one that stole my heart!  This is the sweetest
butler's pantry.  Lovely polished wood countertops.  Pretty little copper sink.
Love the window, the cabinets everything.  This is so me!  This darling little
spot just screams welcome.  Come and I will get you a cup of tea or perhaps
a glass of wine?

What can I say, just my cottage loving nature showing through.  If you want
to see more of this precious place in Carmel, CA go here.

Just think ~ tonight we can sit back and dream that we have our own
butlers as we watch Downton Abbey, episode two of this season.
Hope you had fun day dreaming with me.  See you tomorrow.  I will have
a little tweak in my kitchen to share with you.

Not to worry Bentley.  My heart still does and always will
belong to your daddy!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh wow! I am totally admiring those butlers pantries! Thanks for entertaining us and how lucky you are to have lived in a house that had one.
    Happy Sunday!

    1. I suppose I was lucky. I lived in a tudor style house built in the early twenties and it has all kinds of lovely old features that one hardly ever sees today.

  2. They are pretty! My parent's old home had one too. It was gorgeous, probably shabby compared to these, but it had glass cabinets and it was all white with a sink, and pretty counters. I don't have a photo either. xoox My memories of it is where I got some of my inspiration for my little kitchen.

    1. I am surprised my parents never took any pics of the butler's pantry because they were house crazy and took pictures of most of the other rooms.

  3. Susan that last one is my favorite too!! Would love to see a tour of the whole house!

    1. Martina, there is a link to the full tour of the house on this post. You will love it because the house is full of charm.

  4. Beautiful spaces! You and I had TOTALLY different childhoods.

    1. My Daddy worked very hard and provided us with a very good life. He did instill that same work ethic in me and I have worked hard for what I have too.

  5. Oh wow, such amazing pantries. I too love them and we had a lovely one back at our big house, but never did pics either. In those days picture taking wasn't like it is now, and I guess when I was growing up too.
    My house when growing up back in Astoria- Queens was humble; I mean, it wasn't small, but had a small kitchen for the size of the house...umm, that's strange now the I think about it.
    Thanks for sharing, all of these are gorgeous.

    1. So happy you enjoyed the little tour. Butler's pantries are like special treats.

  6. I am with you, Susan. I love butler's pantries and I collect photos, as well. I not only love them, I truly need one right now!! Thanks for the tour - a great collection!

  7. Susan, I love that last one but also the one with the round window. Have a horse doorstop similar the one in the pic, too. I will check out the link. We love Carmel!


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