Thursday, January 8, 2015

My 2015 Bucket List

Vows to lose weight and exercise are on everyone's list after the 
holidays.  We all feel good about ourselves when we look our best, and
that's true for me as well.  In the past seven days I have been exercising 
on most days, eating healthy nutritionally balanced meals and drinking 
more water.  Within seven short days I can already feel the positive
effects these small changes have made.  If you want to soar with the
eagles it is much easier with less baggage.

Now that I have decided to embrace this new year with enthusiasm and
excitement I also need to focus on what will boost my self esteem
which took a beating last year.  I am pragmatic about my approach
to boosting self confidence.  I really don't buy into much of the
self-help affirmations.  I believe that you can stand in front of a
mirror repeating positive affirmations all day long and then walk
out the door and feel unhappy with yourself the minute someone
makes a negative comment.

Sorry Stuart Smalley ~ I'm not buying it:

It's an "empty suit".  If you want to feel good about
yourself in a way that is lasting and complete then
do something with your life!

Learn something new.  Push your own boundaries
and grow!  Nothing gives you more self confidence
than knowledge and skill.  The feeling of accomplishment
gives one more of an ego boost than any shallow
affirmation can.  Just my opinion Stuart :-)

How do you do this?  How can you afford to take a
course to learn a subject you wish you had taken the
time to learn in school?

When will you find the time in your already busy

I am going to tell you about some things on my
2015 bucket list and most of them are free and can
be accomplished at any time of the day or night.

Number 1 ~ Enrich My Mind Through Books

Read!  It's free, it's insightful and it can be done any time of the day
or night.  Get out that library card or trade books with friends.
Don't just read the easy ones.  Exercise your mind with the tougher
ones you always wanted to read but did not.  Don't know where to
start?  No worries, I have researched some options for you:

50 Books to Read Before You Die

Larchmont Public Library in Larchmont, NY has a wonderful
list of book group selections.  I have read many off this list and
have enjoyed them.  What I love about a list such as this is that
it opened my eyes to books I may not have considered but am
now so happy I did not miss

Book Group Selections

Your own library will have many of these titles and if not, ask
them to bring it in for you from another library.  It can be done!

Number 2 ~ Understanding More About Classical Music

I enjoy listening to classical music and want to learn more just for pleasure
and also because of it's positive effects on good health.  How will I
do this?  With a free course offered through Coursera.  It begins
on January 12th and I will be there.

This is just one of the many free courses offered through
the Coursera Organization.

Want more free course information?  Try these:

MIT Open Courseware
Open Yale Courses
Harvard Extension School

Number 3 ~ Learn to Play the Violin

This one has been on my bucket list for several years
and it has remained untried.  This is the year to take
up fiddle and bow and do it!

I don't know how 2014 shaped up for you.  It was not the
best year for me, but this is the time to make the most of the
new year that lies ahead.  I am working on being the best
person I can be.  If I can help you in any way to achieve
your personal goals just ask.  I am happy to help.
Now go out and have a good day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I think each person finds their own way to build their self esteem. What works for one person may not work for another. I love that you are taking steps to make yourself feel better this year. I think it will be a wonderful one for you, sweet friend. Love your bucket list. I can never get enough of reading. I played the violin as a child, but unfortunately gave it up :)
    xo Laura

    1. Well Laura ~ now I know who to turn to when I get stuck trying to play the violin. I had thought about the cello because I love the sound, but the violin doesn't take up as much space. My grandfather played the violin. I never met him but I am hoping that genetics will help me.

  2. Susan and Bentley I feel exhausted reading your post. You have done so well. I am still finding it hard just to get back to routine.
    Let alone give up treats and exercise.......You put me to shame.

    1. No shame here. We just do what we have to do each day. Baby steps are easy for everyone to complete and those baby steps help to keep us on the path for a longer time. It's not how fast we win a race, it's that we try to finish.

  3. Glad you are moving forward!! Wonderful suggestions......I also had a terrible 2014 and glad to see it end. I'm drinking tons of water, really watching what I eat, I have diabetes and have been sloppy!! Getting back on track. Next week I start swimming at the YMCA, a $25 yearly membership perk of being over 65!!! It's the one exercise that doesn't cause damage to the knees or ankles.....

    About self esteem, its true everyone has their own way to battle this. And it is a constant for me.........I sit and list in my mind all that I have accomplished in the past and there are quite a few once you start remembering........taught myself to crochet, sew, cross stitch, paint, quilt, cook, baking and on and on..........not bragging, just showing you don't have to be rich or famous where everyone knows your accomplishments.........its what you did without getting praise. I read constantly, not novels, but for information.

    You are doing well and this will be a banner year for you!!! xoxoxo

  4. Susan,
    Loved this post!! I chose My One Little Word for 2015. When you have time, please drop by to see what word i have chosen. i think you will relate to it!!


  5. Your bucket list sounds positive and enriching! I'm for all of those things, and the links you've given are terrific! Happy New Year.



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