Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Texas Ruby Reds

The daughter of one of David's co-workers was selling grapefruits
for a fund raiser for school.  Not just any grapefruit ~ but Texas  Ruby Reds.
I love them.  My favorite grapefruit.  Sweet, delicious and juicy.

 Perfection on a plate.

Even better served off a cute melamine tray.
Still cold and gray and dreary here today.  Any bit of 
happy cheer is welcome, and this fun tray does it for me.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. My mouth is watering!!! I love Texas Ruby Reds...no need to add any sugar!!! The rooster tray is darling..."me likes ROOSTERS"!!!

  2. Ruby Reds -- the best! 6 whole days of temps in the 40s and no sun. cold, damp and with the wind ... cuts to the bone. welcome to the tropics! Ha! Very unusual for this time of year ... this is February weather. Ack!
    Hugs to you and Bentley

    1. Oh dear ~ if this is February weather and it's only the middle of January, how bad do you think next month will be ? :-(

  3. Grapefruit looks great. Starting to get cold here now, but not anywhere as cold as most places.

  4. Picture perfect grapefruit. And that tray is... well.. cock-a-doodle-do !! Dreary here for so long it is really becoming depressing.But using these days to clean out drawers etc. around the house. Enjoy your grapefruits. Really a healthy food.

  5. Tray is adorable! I can't eat grapefruit, but just looking at yours made my mouth water. I used to love it, actually still do, just can't have it. Boo :(

  6. Oh yum!!!! Some friends brought us grapefruit from their own tree in Houston. It was absolutely wonderful and we ate every morsel!!
    Hope your year is starting off well. Hubby and I both caught the flu from Christmas visitors...but we are on the mend so all is well!!

  7. Oh gosh, Susan, those look delicious. Love the tray. Cold and gloomy here, too. xo Laura

  8. Our favorites too. I think I'll go cut one and have a snack. '-)

  9. Susan,
    those are my favorite also, so sweet and yummy! Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment!

  10. Adorable tray, Susan! I say, are those "French" hens? Ooh-la-la!
    Grapefruit, a sweet and sensible treat. I hope you and Bentley are off to a great year.
    Stay warm and dry!

  11. Hello Susan and Bentley,I hope you're enjoying your day.I just want to say how much I love all of your blogs,and I look forward to every one...I have just started my own little blog..lifeatteacupcottage.blogspot.com I'm not brilliant at this..in fact I don't quite know what I'm doing but with time im sure I will be ok..give a Hug to Bentley and best Regards to you,your blog is amazing.Una.x.


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