Tuesday, January 6, 2015

When Did Bad Behavior Become the New Black?

So much of the media today is dominated by people behaving 
badly.   Many hours of weekly television are devoted to women
who relish in petty fights and tantrums.

Sadly, these women are making fortunes screaming and fighting
with each other.  These are not polite, polished, feminine women,
but rather they are crude, selfish and obnoxious.  Yet somehow it's
become entertainment and what kind of message is it sending to
young girls of today?

Are we raising a nation of spoiled, selfish and willful little girls
who will grow ever more obnoxious as the years pass?
Is bad behavior the new black?

Yet, it's not just the petty fights and tantrums, it's also the
greed, lying and cheating that is gets the press and the 
book deals and potential cooking shows.  Last October,
reality TV personalities Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe
were sentenced to serve consecutive terms in Federal prisons
for bank fraud, wire fraud, and a laundry list of serious
financial crimes.  Did they hang their heads in shame?  Well 
not really.  While they showed some signs of remorse, they 
continued to appear on television and various public
appearances.  Of course they have enormous attorney fees
and are required by the court to pay back many thousands
of dollars they stole.  Seems that bad behavior is big business.
However, there will likely be book deals for the two criminals
and there is talk of a cooking show for Teresa when she 
finishes her Federal Prison term.  In my book, orange is 
NOT the new black.

In recent days a news story broke regarding convicted sexual
offender Jeffrey Epstein, his relationship with Prince Andrew and
other notables and their alleged encounters with under age girls.
None of these charges have been proved in court but I can't
help but wonder why Prince Andrew who is the father of two
young women, would want to associate with a registered sex offender?
I also read that Fergie ~ Prince Andrew's ex-wife accepted
money from Jeff Epstein to help pay off some of her mounting
debt.  A decision she now no doubt regrets.  As my mother used
to say, "nothing good comes from ill gotten gain".  
Is ill gotten gain the new black?

Sex between consulting adults is one thing, but sex
between an adult and an underage child is never acceptable.
Underage prostitution is depraved.  This kind of
activity is shameful and should be shunned and abhorred.
Depravity must NOT be the new black.


I have always loved this film clip from the movie
"The Blues Brothers".  In this clip we see Kathleen
Freeman in the role of the nun who raised Jake and
Elwood in her orphanage.  I will warn you that the
language is a bit rough, but the message is meaningful.
It seems to me that there are many who could use
some scolding from this stick wielding nun.
Maybe nuns should be the new black ;-)

It is my hope that the media will do more to promote the
actions of good people with kind hearts and peaceful actions.
I would love to see more programming about the lives of
accomplished women who contribute to society in positive
ways.  I know that there are many out there, but they
don't receive the media recognition they deserve.
That's the new black I want to see.

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I so agree. TV is doing a disservice of promoting these kinds of shows. Honey Boo Boo is another one. It irritates me that the producers think we all watch these shows. I for one do not like the Bachelor or bachelorette. I like Little People, Big World and The Little Couple. Now they are coming out with another show that I feel is not appropriate.
    As far as Teresa, we watched TV about her last night. It kept showing her house. Why do they still live in that huge expensive house.
    I feel that there is a lack of respect in so many ways. I could go on, but it would never end.

    1. Is the Little Couple the show about the little couple who have adopted two children with similar physical attributes? If that is the one you are speaking of, I have seen parts of that show and found it so uplifting. These are two adults who are well educated and although handicapped are leading productive and exemplary lives. Very heart warming show.

  2. I do not and will not watch reality TV shows. I have enough reality in my life. I don't need to be on the fringes avidly watching someone elses.

  3. I agree with Brenda and as the mother of four daughters, we do not do drama nor tantrums around here. Modest is hottest and we work hard to do what is right but sadly we sometimes feel like we are the last normal old fashioned folks around. Bad behavior and sticking it to the system and the working guy seems all the norm these days. I do not think we are the better for it. I hate reality shows and what little I have seen only makes me realize I live a pretty darn good life. Not rich in things but rich in a family that works hard and loves and supports one another.

    1. Good for you Elaine. You have a good rich life and you created it for yourself and your family. No material riches can ever replace that.

  4. Some people just have no morals are spoiled rotten and have no sense at all ! I cant stand these so called reality shows they are ridiculous ! Nothing real in them or about them , really it is just all made up and filled with brats !!!! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. There is not only nothing real about them. They are also very mean spirited and hideous. I long for a civil society but the media does not help to achieve that goal when they continuously give air time to these bottom feeders.

  5. Oh, I so agree with you.....and you said it all so well......thank you.......xoxo

  6. Well said! No reality TV here, fighting and discord, lying and cheating...when did that become worthy of watching? Very sad for our country it's helping to shape the future generations.

  7. Well said and thanks for the post, Susan.

  8. I agree, I have never watched "reality tv" Give me an old fashioned murder mystery anytime. Bad manners are taught. That is all I am saying.

  9. Well said. We don't watch reality shows. I don't understand the appeal of watching other people scream at each other.

  10. You are the master of the word, and I bow to you!!!
    My opinion is that "disgusting" is the new black...the more disgusting the story, the faster the media hops aboard! I watch 4 programs a week on regular TV and Gwen Ifle's news program on Public TV. The rest of the time, hubby and I like to play instruments, cook, eat :^(, sightsee, read...even watching the cat is preferable to the TV!! We rid ourselves of cable and depend on whatever our antenna will capture. Our country has "entitled" so many people that the youngest generation has no idea how to think or imagine, much less create or earn.
    It's awfully nice to know that other people agree with me!!


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