Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy National Dog Day from Bentley!

Bentley believes that every home that has a dog is a happier home.

Dogs love to be part of the family and go everywhere with the humans
they love.

Dogs love to participate in holidays and will even happily wear Mardi Gras beads.

Dogs lead the way to new adventures and encourage us to have fun.

Dogs are our faithful companions twenty~four seven.

Dogs are always allowed to sit at the table at grandma's house.

Dogs will happily share their toys.

And remind you to get out that bike and go for a ride around the 
neighborhood to get some exercise.

Hurry up mama, lets get this show on the road!

They let you know when they are in hot pursuit of other critters in the yard.

But most of them don't like baths :-(

And don't always like to be groomed so they may just run off with 
their hair brush :-)

Maybe I can hid this brush by the plant and mama won't notice ;-)

They will join you while you are gardening.

And let you tuck them in like a baby.

But most importantly, they bring the most profound unconditional love into
one's life.  

Happy National Dog Day to all the dogs out there!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. I love your Bentley. I, too, have a Yorkie and his name is Bruiser!
    Happy National Dog Day to your Bentley.

    1. I am sure that your Bruiser is a little doll too!

  2. What a darling dog and so loved. "Happy National Dog Day" to you, Bentley. Hugs Deb (and Kane)

  3. Happy Doggy Day sweet Bentley
    Lily & Edward

    1. Doggie kisses to my two favorite French Bulldogs!

  4. Adorable are one lucky doggy!!!

    1. Thanks Oliva. We are lucky to have such a sweet little guy!

  5. Hi Bentley: I'm new in the neighborhood but wanted to stop by and wish you Happy National Dog Day. The reason I'm late is that I went over the fence, while chasing a squirrel that was about 50 feet above me on a wire. I think I must have thought I could fly. Anyway, I am grounded so that's why I'm late!..Kai from Gold Country Cottage

    1. Oh no ~ grounded! No worries Kai, it's happened to me too. Mama had to ground me when I tried to kill Thelma the chicken. She was not very happy with me when I tried pulling the feathers out of Beatrice the chickens tail either. Just put on your "I'm really, really sorry face" and your mama will forgive you and give you lots of kisses. Trust me on this ~ it works :-)
      Wish you could come over to play with me. Love, Bentley


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