Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Little Secrets About Me

I love old movies

I like to sleep in the glow of moonbeams

Staying at home on a rainy day with a good book is a treat

I believe in the healing powers of macaroni and cheese

I love to dance like no one is watching

 My sister Robin and I are addicted to the Forensic Files
We believe in Nancy Drew

I have loved every one of my dogs with all my heart

I am very tiny and my husband is a big guy who is very protective of me

I still have my old teddy bears ~ the raggedy one is my favorite

I love England and Scotland, but there is a little French girl who lives
in my heart too

I tell silly stories and I crack myself up all the time

I love patchwork quilts ~ they are all over the house 

and ….

My husband beats me every time we play Scrabble ~ makes me
furious, and I am plotting ways to beat him :-)

Have a wonderful day!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Oh!! I loved reading this and thought-BOY! We are a lot alike UNTIL I got to the part where you said you were tiny. Yeah---I am NOT- I am 5'8" tall-lol Not an Amazon but not small. I always wanted to be AND I beat my hubby every time at Scrabble. I'll give you some tips. lol Have a great day, Susan! xo Diana

    1. Oh yes, please give me Scrabble tips. I love my hubby to pieces, but I get so mad when he beats me at Scrabble and then he has the nerve to gloat about it! Thanks so much for stopping by Diana!

  2. I know the loss of a special person in your life is difficult. Your wonderful Aunt sounded like she had a full and very happy life, so Susan you honor her by doing the same. Get out there now!

  3. Fun post Susan! Have a great day!


  4. Good luck with your Scrabble quest; I like your list

  5. I love patchwork quilts too. I recently made a lap quilt with some fabric scraps my sister had sent me years earlier. My sister is no longer with us so the quilt is especially dear to me. It's far from perfect but I love to snuggle with it when it's chilly outside. Also Scrabble is one of my favorite board games but I can rarely find anyone willing to pay with me. I used to be a really good speller in school. I loved when we had rainy day spelling bees.

  6. I love Nancy Drew and have read every book Nancy Keene wrote!

  7. Love your little secrets. Love the little part......wish I could say that. Hope you are having a nice summer.

    1. I have a "little girl" voice too. Sometimes when I answer our land line and it's someone calling we don't know, the caller will ask "is your mother at home?" Of course at that point I burst out laughing!

  8. That is a beautiful bedroom!! ....previous post

  9. This is adorable. Thanks so much for sharing.

    I don't have the time to comment often but I always visit and you bring a smile to my day.

    wishing you well.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

    1. Hi Alma! So glad you took the time to stop by!!

  10. I played a word game on facebook that improved my scrabble scores......Words with Friends. I love you sound so sweet and lovable. Have a wonderful day.


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