Monday, August 10, 2015

Making the Most of Monday

I had several distractions over the weekend and did not quite get the
guest bath prepped for painting, but today is the day.  It's way too hot
to go anywhere ~ once again, so it's a great day to prep and paint 
inside the house where it is cool.

I can hardly wait to get those walls painted!  I am also making a skirt for
the vanity in that room, so I will be spending some time in my studio
stitching away on my old and beloved sewing machine.

Happiness is being creative.

I just crank up my favorite music in my studio and I drift off
to my own special place.

While Bentley naps close by of course.

Hope y'all have a happy, cool and creative Monday!

Big Texas Hugs,
Susan and Bentley


  1. Great minds think alike! I'm in the midst of making a fabric skirt for my bathroom sink also. Anxious to see yours.


  2. I'm up to my ears in butter yellow & pale sage green paint. My kitchen cupboards were melba peach & salmon, not my colors. I'm loving the new look. It's so clean looking & very pretty. Then I have high hopes of replacing the tin backsplash with some nice painted bead board. Will I ever finish? Probably not but I am making headway.

  3. I have been knee deep in butter yellow & sage green paint doing my kitchen cabinets. The previous owner had them painted in peach & salmon. Not my colors at all. I am loving how it is turning out but will be very happy when they are finished. I have 8 more cabinet doors to paint in the sage green & since the cabinet faces are already painted butter yellow all I will have to do is rehang the doors & I'll be done. Then on to the utility room that is right off the kitchen which is going to be in the same colors as the kitchen. Never ending projects it seems, but at least I have a home in which to do projects in. I am very thankful for that.

  4. I have had a busy day too. My hubby had hip replacement surgery 2 weeks ago yesterday so the PT lady came today. He is doing SO well, she is amazed. After she left I cleaned the whole first floor. Hope you got your place prepped!!!

  5. I totally agree with you in that "Happiness is being Creative". Today I measured and cut out pillow shams to go with my Black and White quilt I have in the guest bedroom. My inspiration piece is a black teapot with a white Daisy and the center of the Daisy is the color of a marigold. The pillow shams are yellow gold, and the throw pillow is gray, white and yellow gold. I bought a swag chandelier from Country Door that had pink roses. I painted the roses marigold to go with my inspiration piece. I already had made the dust ruffle and a 2 tier valance and panels using Waverly prints one tier a black and white floral and the other a black, gray and white stripe. The dust ruffle is in the stripe material. This might seem like a lot of work but I design and make my own pattern. To me that is being creative and that makes a happy girl.

  6. Just a thought, maybe there might be a grief support group near you.

  7. It is HOT for sure!!!! I think Bentley has the right idea!!
    I have been making tablecloths all week. Our kitchen table wears a cloth always, so my souvenir from little trips is always a yard and a half of fabric for a table cloth!! It's fun to remember and discuss the trip while we eat our meals.
    Blessings and have a good weekend,


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